MHW Hypes it up with Monster Impersonations

MHW Hypes it up with Monster Impersonations

Once again, Densha Otoko star Takayuki Yamada is at it again with Sony Interactive Entertainment making lighthearted comical commercials hyping up the release of Monster Hunter World.

Following their 2 million Youtube view hit New Year’s Cash gig, the new commercial we are graced with the impersonation of several monsters of the series including:

The advertisement concludes as Takayuki is captured by the cast emulating how hunters trap and capture their prey in game, but unfortunately no Grimalkynes come to their aid.

Monster Hunter: World releases worldwide on January 26 for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. A PC version will release this fall. A final open beta will be available on PlayStation 4 from January 18th to 22nd – featuring the Nergigante monster.

You can also check out some details from Famitsu’s Review of Monster Hunter World.


Fextralife had an amazing capture opportunity of MH:W  at TGS 2017 of Barroth and the Wildspire Wastes! An event that also revealed a limited PlayStation 4 Pro “Liolaeus Edition”.

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And If you’re more of a strategist, then this 101 on Hunting and survey of the Wildspire Waste, complete with recon images, will help you in your hunt.


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