Monster Hunter World: Carving or Capturing – What’s Best?

Monster Hunter World: Carving or Capturing – What’s Best?

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

In this article I will take a look at the carving and capturing mechanics in Monster Hunter World and assess which is the best option for your hunter.

Monster Hunter World: Should you carve or capture?

Monster Hunter always had various hidden mechanics regarding how attack is determined, the percentage of drops and much more. Recently Capcom has published miniature guide books explaining these various hidden mechanics that affect players. Unfortunately, they are only available in Japan at the moment with no word if any official English version will be available.

Today we will be discussing the carving vs capturing dilemma. Back in the old Monster Hunter days it was always great to capture monsters as opposed to killing then carving them since the percentages of obtaining materials were higher. So people tend to think that method will carry over to Monster Hunter World, alas that is not the case. The guide books that were released by Capcom shows that the drop items and the percentages rate are identical thus leaving this decision to the hunters themselves.

Pros & Cons

Pros to Carving

  1. More time to break parts before the monster dies.
  2. Easy to do just wail on the monster until it dies.
  3. No coordination needed.
  4. Little to no pre-hunt preparation needed

Cons to Carving

  1. Takes too long compared to capturing.

Pros to Capturing

  1. Can be capture once the monster’s health is 30% or lower.
  2. Ends the quest quicker since you don’t have to kill it.
  3. Only need to wait 20 seconds to get back to Astera
  4. More items in quest rewards compared to when you carve.

Cons to Capturing

  1. Needs items to do so!
  2. Coordination is needed.
  3. Pre-hunt preparation is needed.
  4. Self restraint/ awareness is needed to avoid killing.

So What Should You Do?

I personally suggest breaking all the parts you need then capture it to maximize rewards at the same time minimizing time spent in a quest. Breaking the head/face should be the #1 priority since gems/rubys drop if the head is broken. Then players should go for tails, wings, stomachs or any other part they like. I personally break what I need or simply deal damage until it’s time to capture.

Remember since every player have their own agenda on how they would like the quest to go, it’s best to have some pre-written commands for other players. “Aim for head, Cut the tail, Let’s capture.”

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