MHW: Cactuars Location Guide

MHW: Cactuars Location Guide

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

Behemoth has arrived in Monster Hunter World during the fifth update. Players are painstakingly challenging Behemoth to be dressed in Drachen Armor. However, don’t forget to collect the new Endemic Life! The newest update, like the Kulve Taroth update adds special new Endemic Life players can hunt down. In this guide I will show you how to capture all the new creatures to decorate your house.

MHW: Cactuars Location Guide

When players start the Behemoth quest by undertaking “A Visitor From Another World“, they will go to Wildspire Wastes and follow the Cactuars. Cactuar Cuttings are the speedy ones, can be caught and are worth 85 points. There may be a Flowering Cactuar Cutting near the Crystal. There will also be the stagnant Cactuars waiting to be caught. If players miss out on capturing them during this quest fret not, they can still be found. Head to Wildspire Waste during an expedition to have a chance to have them appear.

  • Cactuar Cutting (Worth 85 research points)
    • It’s one of the cute critters from Eorzea! It’s kinda like a Cactus uh…if a cactus had legs and could run at max speed…
      • Can be found in the left side of Quadrant 8.
      • Can be found in the left cactus patch in Quadrant 6.
      • Can be found in Quadrant 5 at the very top of the map in the Blissbill‘s nest.
      • Can be found in the South most flower patch in Quadrant 4.
  • Cactuar (Worth 300 research points)
    • It’s one of the cute critters from Eorzea! I tried to pet it, but this little guy’s got thorns ― a thousand of them! I”ll be tweezing for weeks.
      • Can be found in the center of Quadrant 8.
      • Can be found in the center of the Gajalaka circle in Quadrant 7.
      • Can be found on the rise rock platform where the Godbug is in Quadrant 4.
  • Flowering Cactuar Cutting (Worth 1000 research points)
    • It’s one of the cute critters from Eorzea! Its adorable little flower on top makes me just wanna squeeze it ― OUCH!
      • Can be found in Quadrant 5 at the very top of the map in the Blissbill’s nest.
      • Alternatively, can be found in Quadrant 6 in the right cactus patch.

Check out the video below for Cactuar locations:


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Can we get this in other quests or only in special assignment?

  2. Avatar PrimeraEspada91 says:

    It can be done in the special assignment or in Wildspire Waste during a expedition

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