MHW: Alternative Behemoth Farming Guide

MHW: Alternative Behemoth Farming Guide

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

Behemoth has arrived in Monster Hunter World and players are drowning in despair. Some blame the randoms they encounter, while others blame Behemoth’s deadly cyclones of death. However, no matter what has been stoping players from obtaining their Drachen Armor, I have a solution for you all. In this guide I’ll show you how to farm Behemoth offline and solo.

MHW: Alternative Behemoth Farming Guide

Quest: The Legendary Beast

Players will then repel a Behemoth in Elder Recess. This serves to introduce the new fighting mechanics used to take down Behemoth. This is the second part of the Behemoth quest. This quest has 9 faints so its easy to attempt and not fail right away.


Plan of Action

  1. Use the Falling Boulders/Crystals in the starting zone for free damage.
  2. Use your Palico Plunder Blade and Palarang to steal materials
  3. Put on the Apothecary Mantle and put Behemoth to sleep. Place your bombs on the part you want to break.
    • Breakables includes:
      • Horns
      • Claws
      • Tail
  4. Use Temporal Mantle once Apothecary has timed out.
  5. Use Palico Plunder Blade and Palarang once they have refreshed.
  6. Select “Return from Quest” and collect your rewards.
    • Note: must have broken the parts to collect a reward.
    • Palico stolen Materials will be on the last page on the quest recap screen.
  7. Repeat until you have all your materials.
  8. If players need “Aetheryte Shard” Shards, Search for “A Visitor From Another World” to help others with the powered up Kulu-Ya-Ku.

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