Mega Man X2: Weather Control Stage & Wire Sponge Guide

Mega Man X2: Weather Control Stage & Wire Sponge Guide

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man X2 action-platformer is split into 10 stages, the first being a tutorial or introduction stage, 8 main stages and then the final stage. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for the Weather Control stage and it’s boss, Wire Sponge. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this guide.

Mega Man X2: Weather Control Stage & Wire Sponge Guide

In this stage you will face a few enemies before facing the boss called Wire Sponge. The enemies you will face include Croak Hoppers, Weather Crystal, Sole Solars, Scrivers, Sky Farmer, Rightods and Aclanda. I will explain each strategy in taking the different enemies out in this step-by-step guide.

Weather Control Stage

From the start of the stage, head to the left wall and climb it to find the Heart Tank. Fall on the ground and head right to start the level. There will be Croak Hoppers and a Weather Crystal. Players can elect to destroy the crystal or forgo it. Sole Solars will pop up from the ground, just hop over them while avoiding the spike pits to reach the next set of Croak Hopper and Weather Crystal. It will start raining with wind pushing players leftwards if they are in the air. Be careful with your jumps during this. Jump onto the first moving platform and use it to dash jump to the left wall. Travel upwards then dash jump to the right. There will some several Croak Hoppers and a Sub Tank for players to obtain. Climb down the right wall to reach the elevator.

Croak Hoppers

Weather Crystal

Sole Solar

Take the elevator up while avoiding the Scrivers that will try to attack you. Get off the elevator once it passes the solo Scriver, to avoid dying to ceiling spikes. Move quickly past the spike pit, Croak Hopper and Weather Crystal. Be wary of the Sky Farmer that drops bombs and Rightods. For this section players can elect to dash through it avoiding majority of the enemies here along with the spike pits.



Sky Farmer

Head inside the building, climbing up the ladders and picking up the energy item. There will be more Scrivers and a Aclanda just before the boss.


Wire Sponge

Wire Sponge will mostly start the fight by climbing up a vine or attempting to hit you with Spike Chain. Use charge buster shots or Sonic Slicer that you received from Overdrive Ostrich. While Wire Sponge is on the vine he will shoot out small tendrils that will reduce your safe zones. Don’t be shy with your Sonic Slicers, you have plenty of charges. When he attempts to hit you with Spike Chain, climb the nearby wall and wait for it to retract to fire off some shots.

Wire Sponge

When Wire Sponge loses 50% of his health he will turn orange and charges up a lightning attack. This can easily be avoided by being next to a wall. Using Sonic Slicer to deal the final shot onto Wire Sponge will cut him in half unlocking the “Half the Sponge He Used To Be” trophy.

Defeating Wire Sponge grants players the Strike Chain, the weakness of Wheel Gator. The next stage you should take on is the Wheel Gator in the Dinosaur Tank Stage.

Watch this stage in action in the video below:

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