Mega Man X2: Robot Junkyard Stage & Morph Moth Guide

Mega Man X2: Robot Junkyard Stage & Morph Moth Guide

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man X2 action-platformer is split into 10 stages, the first being a tutorial or introduction stage, 8 main stages and then the final stage. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for the Robot Junkyard stage and it’s boss, Morph Moth. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this guide.

Mega Man X2: Robot Junkyard Stage & Morph Moth Guide

Players will face the boss Morph Moth in this stage, but before they reach the boss they will come up against a few enemies. Enemies will include Disk Boy 08, Pararoid S-38, Pararoid V-1, Hanged Reploid, Garakuta and Old Robot. I will explain what strategies to use in defeating each in this step-by-step guide.

Robot Junkyard

Robot Junkyard Stage

Head towards the right bypassing all the Hanged Reploids and move quickly as they will reanimate and will slow you down. At the end of the path use Spin Wheel to obtain the chest armor upgrade from Dr. Light. Climb back up and proceed with the level. Use the charged Mega Buster to eliminate all the Hanged Reploids blocking the way.

Disk Boi 08

Pararoid S-38

Old Robot

Players will have to climb the stairs while taking out the Disk Boy 08s that blocks the passage. There will be an extra life item in the top left corner. Proceed towards the right to fight the first mini-boss, an Old Robot controlled by Pararoid S-38. Use your charge shot to shoot the Old Robot’s abdomen a few times to destroy it. The Pararoid S-38 will emerge from the Old Robot. Use Speed Burner to quickly dispatch it; alternatively using the charged Mega Buster works well.

Pararoid R-5

Paroroid V-1


After the boss, there will be a Pararoid V-1 and a Hanged Reploid before players will descend the ladder. There will be three Disk Boy 08s on the side platforms but players can just fall down quickly to avoid them. Pararoid V-1, Pararoid R-5, and Garakuta Robot will be blocking player’s path. An added effect in this segment will be increased jump height. Use the added height to reach the next platform and reach the ladder at the end of the segment.

Either go down the ladder, then avoid enemies by jumping over them or destroy them to descend the ladder. Players will then face some more Pararoids before reaching the second mini boss which is another Old Robot. Use the same tactic of aiming for the abdomen to destroy the robot, then using Mega Buster or Speed Burner eliminate the Pararoid S-38.

Cannon Driver

Afterwards, there will be more Pararoids to destroy and a lone Cannon Driver right before the boss gate.

Boss: Morph Moth

Note: Players looking to collect the Take Your Time Trophy should start the Morph Moth boss fight without interfering and allow him to morph to his final stage.

Morph Moth Cocoon

Morph Moth will appear in a junk cocoon that will swing back and forth. It slowly gains momentum then begins to throw down junk. At times Morph Moth’s cocoon will spin like a top on the ground, impervious to all attacks. Stay on the walls to avoid taking damage. It will then hop back onto his silk thread and absorb junk in a counter clockwise fashion. To avoid, players should dash-jump off the wall and get back on the wall to repeat if necessary.

Morph Moth

Once Morph Moth loses half of its health, the cocoon will head towards the roof as well as remove it’s cocoon. Morph Moth will then slowly descend spreading glitter powder which will cause you harm. To quickly destroy this boss players should use Speed Burner on both Morph Moth and his cocoon.

Check out the video below to see this stage in action:

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