Mega Man X2: Obtaining Zero’s Parts Guide

Mega Man X2: Obtaining Zero’s Parts Guide

Last updated on October 22nd, 2018

Players of Capcom’s Mega Man X2, will notice that X’s Maverick hunting partner is missing. Due to the events in Mega Man X, X will have to start the game solo.Ā Fortunately, players can retrieve Zero’s parts if they tackle 3 optional bosses.

Mega Man X2: Obtaining Zero’s Parts Guide

The X-Hunters are special Mavericks that appear after the player beats their second Maverick. They will each teleport you to a different stage and within each of the stages will be a second boss room that will only be open if an X-Hunter is present. When the player beats one of the X-Hunters, they will receive one of Zero’s pieces.

If the player takes too long to fight the X-Hunters, they will leave and never return which will make that piece of Zero unobtainable for the rest of the game. This adds another boss to fight to the end of the game, also losing out on the Zero Squared trophy. The order in which the X-Hunters appear are:

  • Violen: once players defeat 3 Mavericks
  • Agile: once players defeat 4 Mavericks
  • Serges: once players defeat 5 Mavericks

I recommend after 2 Mavericks are defeated, to tackle all the X-Hunters to avoid them leaving the map. If players are having difficulty with them, I suggest hunting down Heart and Sub Tanks.

All X-Hunters Room Locations

  • Overdrive Ostrich
    • Spin Wheel the breakable wall after the Aclanda, scorpion enemy.
  • Wire Sponge
    • Located under the first elevator after the Sub Tank.
  • Wheel Gator
    • Take the second elevator to the highest top and move to the right.
  • Bubble Crab
    • Ā The docking station of theSea CanthllerĀ stops, must get there first or destroy Sea Canthller beforehand.
  • Flame Stag
    • Force the secondĀ Beetron to break the topmost breakable wall.
  • Morph Moth
    • Ā Located after the first Mini Boss once players descend the ladder.
      • Requires either Buster or Leg Armor Upgrade.
  • Magna Centipede
    • After players get past the second set of security lights, it will be in the bottom right. Dash to it as quickly as possible to avoid having it sealed off.
  • Crystal Snail
    • Use theĀ Rabbit Ride ArmorĀ reach the crystal walls located on the top left of the spike pits.


  • Weakness: Charged Sonic Slicer

Serges’ fight is annoying since he rides a spike platform and brings up a barrier at times.Ā His shield will be up when not attacking and will block any attacks from afar.Ā  He can lay mines and somersault while shooting out electrical orbs. To combat Serges simply use the charge attack of Sonic Slicer. Other alternatives include:

  • Charge attack of Speed Burner (It can bypass his shield)
  • Normal Sonic Slicer

To destroy his mine use:

  • Charged shots
  • Normal and Charged Sonic Slicers
  • Charged Speed Burner

When he uses his electric orb attack either have enough space to force the orbs to spread out or be up close to hijackĀ Serges’ ride.



Voilen’s fight is a mess since his main attack is highly erratic. HeĀ will take a stand, and send the giant spike on his shoulder outwards in random directions. To counter him it is best to use Bubble Splash but most likely you won’t have it this early on. It’s okay I didn’t either, but it is important to understand this fight comes down to DPS.

Make sure there is some distance between you and Violen, while you shoot him with dash buster shots or charged shots (the arm upgrade will help). Avoid shooting his mace as much as possible. Violen can also jump in the air and fire electric orbs downwards. Take cover near the walls and wait for the orbs to spread out to evade them more easily.Ā Ā 

His final and most uncommon attack is shooting electric sparks towards the player. Avoid the walls until they disperse being careful to jump over them in the process.


Agile is pretty simple to defeat if players make him repeat his attack patterns. Most of the time, he will lunge at the player and swing at them. This is what you want, take the damage and get distance between the two of you.

Proceed to climb the wall and he will use his second attack pattern. This involves shooting a crescent energy wave towards the player. The best way to counter this is to jump on a wall and wait for Agile to fire his energy wave. Drop down quickly and fire off a charged Buster shot. Now quickly get back on the wall and repeat this process. If done correctly, he will continue this attack pattern until he you finish him off.

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