Mega Man X: Power Plant & Spark Mandrill Guide

Mega Man X: Power Plant & Spark Mandrill Guide

Capcom’s Mega Man X action-platformer is split into 10 stages, the first being a tutorial or introduction stage, 8 main stages and then the final stage. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose but clearing a stage will have an affect on other stages for better or for worse, so be alert on the select changes. Below is a guide for the Power Plant stage and it’s boss the Spark Mandrill. I will explain each of the enemies you will encounter and the boss you will face in this stage.

Mega Man X: Power Plant & Spark Mandrill Guide

In this stage you will need to counter and defeat a enemies before facing the final boss the Spark Mandrill. Enemies include Gun Volt, Hotarion, Flammingles, Ball de Voux and Turn Cannons. You will also face a mini-boss called Thunder Slimer. Defeating the Chilled Penguin stage first will make the boss fight easier, so I suggest completing that stage first. I will explain each of the enemies and what strategies to use in this step-by-step guide.

Power Plant

This stage is one of the more difficult stages so be on alert. Players can make parts of it easier by defeating Storm Eagle first, but in turn this will make other parts of this stage a lot harder. If you defeat the Storm Eagle first, the sparks on the ground at the beginning of the stage will be gone but later in the stage there will be pits causing positioning problems and then the lights will go out.

Players will firstly go up against the Gun Volt, a missile shooting robot that players will have encountered in the Highway stage. Destroy him and proceed up the ladder. Notice the sparks throughout the level and try to avoid them at all costs. After players eliminate many of those missile shooting robots and annoying sparks, they will reach the top of the area.

Gun Volt

Move on further into the area and the lights will go out, several fast Hotarion firefly-like robots will attempt to crash into players. Next there will be Flammingles, the bird robots that shoot saw-blades. There will be a sub tank to be obtain but only players who have previously obtained the Boomerang Cutter will be able to get it, players without Boomerang Cutter can skip the next step. To get the sub-tank go down the ladder, take out the enemy robot and continue on the path. Hop over the spark and use the Boomerang Cutter at the peak of your jump. The Boomerang Cutter will bring the Sub Tank and bring it back to you.



Players will engage with the mini boss of the stage Thunder Slimer. The Thunder Slimer will release small bubbles which will trap the player. Moving when you have been stuck in a bubble can help you break free from it. Thunder Slimer can also shoot lightning in addition to his bubbles. Staying under him but not completely in the middle of him is the safest option and if players have beaten Storm Eagle already, he won’t shoot lightning bolts.

Thunder Slimer

After the mini boss fight head right and take out the wheel robots ahead. After progressing enough players will run into several Turn Cannons who alternate their fire blast on the players’ position.

Turn Cannon

There will be a Mega Tortoise which can be taken down with some charged shots. Don’t miss the Heart Tank, players will need to use the dash upgrade in order to reach it. Afterwards there will be several more Mega Tortoise, Ball de Voux, and Hotarion blocking the path ahead.

Mega Tortoise

Ball de Voux

Boss: Spark Mandrill

Spark Mandrill normally uses 2 techniques: twin electric sparks that travel around the room that can easily be jumped over and a charge punch which can be avoided by climbing the walls. He may decide to climb onto the ceiling so be mindful of that. The best way to counter him is to use the weapon from Chill Penguin and freeze him. He can be stun-locked by being hit with Ice shot, waiting to be thawed out then shooting him again a second after he breaks free.

Note: Touching the sparks will cause you to lose 4 bars of health while touching Spark Mandrill will cause a loss of 6 bars.

Spark Mandrill

Check out this stage in action below:

Spark Mandrill

After defeating the Spark Mandrill stage I suggest taking on the Armored Armadillo next.

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