Mega Man X: Forest Stage & Sting Chameleon Guide

Mega Man X: Forest Stage & Sting Chameleon Guide

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man X action-platformer is split into 10 stages, the first being a tutorial or introduction stage, 8 main stages and then the final stage. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose but clearing a stage will have an affect on other stages for better or for worse, so be alert on the select changes. Below is a guide for the Forest stage and it’s boss, Sting Chameleon. I will explain each of the enemies and boss you will face in this stage.

Mega Man X: Forest Stage & Sting Chameleon Guide

In this stage players will face a number of enemies before they come face to face with the boss, the Chameleon. Enemies in this level include Amenhoppers, Plantys, Iworms, Axe Max,RT-55J, Crag Man, Mad Peckers and Hoganmers. Each enemy requires different strategies to apprehend them, I will explain each in this step-by-step guide for this level.

Forest Stage

Start the level by moving right until you notice a shallow hole with water. There will be an Amenhopper to be dispatched of as well as a Planty. The Planty is disguised as a small bush, this enemy is very similar to Mettaurs. They lack the hardhat but wear a bush on their heads. They will throw Iworms, small worm-like robots, which can be overlooked as they don’t pose a threat.




Players will then encounter several Axe Max, Amenhoppers and Plantys. Axe Max will send tree trunks in your direction, so avoid them and release a charged shot to the robot. The Amenhoppers and Plantys are less of a threat, just shoot if they are in your way as you move forward.

Axe Max

Just before you hop into the tunnel climb the wall and head right. The exit will be sealed by rocks and this will start a mini boss fight. RT-55J, a large bulky green robot will appear and has only 2 movesets. First it will jump to get closer to the player and if it isn’t it will repeat. Since it only attacks when the player is near him, stay close to the walls and use dash jump to create some space. RT-55J will start smoking signalling that he’s weakened, finish him off with a few more charge shots to reveal your new upgrade. The upgrade will grant players reduced damage taken by half.


Head back towards the tunnel you neglected to enter and now enter the small hole before it. Use the right wall to slowly descend then destroy the breakable wall using your legs (just climb up the wall). Move close to the edge of the platform and dash jump to the other ledge that contains the Heart Tank. After gaining the Heart Tank it’s time to head inside the tunnel.

Inside the tunnel will be several abnormal rocks “hidden” on the ceiling. These are Crag Man in disguise. They will fall when you approach them and transform into a humanoid robot to chuck rocks at you. Outside of the tunnel will be Mad Peckers which are woodpecker-like enemies. Dash your way through them taking out those who get too close to you.

Crag Man

Mad Pecker

Once you get out of the tunnel, some woodpecker robots will try to attack you, but they can easily bypassed by using dash. Afterwards there will be a Hoganmer (the shield and axe armed robot you have faced in previous levels) protecting a 1-up. Eliminate him to reach the final portion of this stage. There will be a Mech Armor laying on the ground. Jump inside, move through the mud quickly, jumping as you go along to prevent the suit getting stuck in the mud. There will be several enemies in your way so either take them out or avoid them to reach the boss.


Boss: Sting Chameleon

Sting Chameleon often starts the fight hanging from the ceiling. While he hangs, spikes will fall down causing you damage if you you’re hit. It is best to shoot him with Boomerang Cutter. This will knock him onto the ground and he will repeat his actions starting with hanging from the ceiling. Repeat these actions until he dies. He may crawl along the sides of the area, attempt to thwack you with his tongue or even shoot spikes from his tail.

Sting Chameleon

Check out the video below to see this stage in action:

Once you complete this stage I suggest you tackle the Storm Eagle next.

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