Mega Man X: Finding & Acquiring the Hadouken

Mega Man X: Finding & Acquiring the Hadouken

Last updated on October 21st, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man X contains an easter egg another one of Capcom‘s games. Ryu’s signature attack the Hadouken, from Street Fighter can be learned by X after certain steps are fulfilled. In this guide I will share where to find hidden capsule in Mega Man X.

Mega Man X: Finding & Acquiring the Hadouken

Scattered throughout the 8 stages are hidden body armor upgrades, heart tanks, and sub tanks, that will need special tricks and know-how to find them. Each will help tweak Mega Man stats with either permanently increasing health, increase abilities or help to refill health bars at opportune moments. They are also part of unlocking the secret capsule as players will need to collect all tanks, have all upgraded armor, and have defeated all 8 Mavericks. See our all upgrades guide for text and video guidance.

Find the upgrade capsule to gain the Hadouken

Stage: Armored Armadillo

Necessary items: All Heart Tanks, Sub Tanks, Upgrade Capsules and boss weapons.

  1. Head to Armored Armadillo’s Stage (Gallery Stage)
  2. Proceed towards the end of the stage until you reach the boss gate. Dash jump to climb the wall to reach a platform that has an energy capsule.
  3. Press start to bring up the menu and select exit.
  4. Repeat step 1-3 4 more times.
  5. On the 5th attempt where the energy platform is located there will be a new armor capsule.

Dr. Light will be dressed in karate gi and he will teach the Hadouken to X. Unfortunately, X doesn’t say “Hadouken” like back in the day. To perform the Hadouken, players must push down, diagonal right or diagonal left (whatever direction you are facing). Full health is needed to use it and there is about a second delay for the attack to appear. This attack can one shot most bosses.

To check out the Hodouken in action watch the video below:

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