Mega Man 11: Tundra Man Stage & Boss Guide

Mega Man 11: Tundra Man Stage & Boss Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man 11 is part of the 30 years anniversary celebration and is being directed by Koji Oda and produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. Mega Man 11 adds the Speed and Power Gear while keeping the original style of Mega Man most of us have grown up with. Mega Man 11 is an action-platformer which is split into 12 stages, 8 main stages and then the 4 end game stages. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for Tundra Man stage and boss. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this guide.

Mega Man 11: Tundra Man Stage & Boss Guide

As players start the stage they will encounter Eye Ice, snowflake-esque robots gently falling from the sky. These enemies can be easily be avoided or taken out if needed. There will be a Gabyoall patrolling floor so careful no to run into this. Hop over the ice spikes, move quickly and slide under the Ice Swan. The Ice Swan is a flying swan robot that drops a large globe of ice on players. The ice shatters into 2 ice shards so be careful to catch the falling debris. If players can evade them throughout the whole level they can unlock the I Think You Dropped Something… trophy. To gain this trophy The Ice Swans cannot be destroyed, nor can the ice they drop.

In this short section, players will find 2 Propeller Eye T and a Crunch Don. Get close to the Crunch Don and use Speed Gear to quickly pelt him with buster shots. Head right and call Rush Coil to bypass the platforms in this section. If players don’t want to use Rush Coil, use Pile Driver on the Gabyoall and traverse the icy platforms.

Climb the ladder and shoot down the 2 Propeller Eye T with your Mega Buster. Hop over the Gabyoall or simply destroy him using Pile Driver. Be careful moving across the slippery ice, lest you want to be an icy Mega Man Kabob. Travel along the path to find 2 Snow Robbits in the next section. They follow your position from above you, making it difficult to safely get on their level. The best way to get to rid of them quickly is to use the Power Gear with Block Dropper.

Climb the ladder to find multiple Eye Ice and a lone Gabyoall. The wind will pick up during this section, so watch out for the way it blows. Avoid all the enemies while avoiding death by pits. At the end of this section there will be a Ice Swan, so if players are going for the trophy exercise caution.

Drop down and follow the path to the next section ignoring the Crunch Don. Players will run into 3 Propeller Eye T and a Gabyoall. Call in Rush Coil to help you climb the ladder allowing you to bypass this section.

The wind will be blowing as you enter this area, so do your best to not get blown in the wrong direction. Avoid or eliminate the Snow Robbits and the Crunch Don. Carefully time your jumps to avoid falling in the several pits that plague this section. Drop down twice and avoid the Propeller Eye Ts and head in the mini boss gate.

Mini-boss: Mecha-Mammostal

This mini boss is only able to take damage once the bottom portion’s shield isn’t lowered. The shield protects the eye of the platform. Use your Speed Gear and quickly pelt him with Mega Buster shots until the shield is lowered then repeat. At this time, the mammoth section of the robot will create icicles. Wait until they fall and jump onto the highest one. There will be chunks of ice falling down in between the icicles platforms and strong winds trying to push you off your platform. The Mecha-Mammostal will charge at the player once the storm is gone and return to it’s starting position. The fight will repeat from here on.

After Mecha-Mammostal is defeated, head right towards the next sections. Jump over the ice spikes and avoid all the Ice Swans during this section (remember these should not be destroyed if you want a chance of gaining that trophy). In the next section players will find more Eye Ice and a lone Crunch Don that can be avoided or eliminated. There will be several Gabyoalls patrolling about so use Pile Driver to fly over them safely or simply use your Speed Gear to navigate with ease. There will be wind at times slowing you down, making this walk more of a challenge than it should be.

This short section looks clear of enemies but when players move closer to the center, a Sniper Joe will fall from above. Turn on your Speed Gear and continue with your path forward. Shoot the 2 Propeller Eye T to make hopping on the icy platforms easier. Be careful not to slip as the ground is littered with ice spikes.

The icy winds will try to push you off the ice, use speed gear to help maneuver this tricky area

Several Gabyoalls will be dashing about in this section. Use Pile Driver to move quickly over them. There will be a Crunch Don in the center of the section. A nicely aimed Pile Driver will eliminate him quickly. Several Propeller Eye Ts will be attempting to shoot you as you climb the platforms to reach the top left ladder.

Take out the singular Snow Robbit and make your way across the dangerous icy platforms while being pushed forward by the strong winds. Having a Beat Call will really help you here if you’re uncomfortable making these jumps in 1 go. Enter the boss gate and prepare to fight the suave icy skater, Tundra Man.

Boss: Tundra Man

Tundra Man will start the encounter by pirouetting backwards, he will be invincible during this animation. He will then start to spin the entire distance of the room, ending at the opposite side of the room. Wait until the spin animation is complete before firing at him as he will not take damage during this sequence. Tundra Man will spin once more then leap back to his initial spot. Players can slide under him to avoid being injured from this attack. Tundra Man will then spin and make several high jumps until he ends at the opposite side of the stage.

He will continue doing these attacks until he loses 50% of his life in which case he will activate his Speed Gear. While Speed Gear is activate, Tundra Man will zip back and forth 3 times before making a large blizzard in the center of the stage. These series of attacks deal large amounts on damage and can easily destroy players on Super Hero Mode.

If players have Scramble Thunder, they can use it with the Power Gear to stun Tundra Man. This will knock him off balance which gives players enough time to hit him again with the ability. Make sure you don’t get clipped by his Speed Gear performance and you’ll have this fight in the bag.

Below are walkthrough guides for defeating him solely with the Mega Buster and another guide on how to defeat him on Super Hero Mode.

Mega Man 11 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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