Mega Man 11: Torch Man Stage & Boss Guide

Mega Man 11: Torch Man Stage & Boss Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man 11 is part of the 30 years anniversary celebration and is being directed by Koji Oda and produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. Mega Man 11 adds the Speed and Power Gear while keeping the original style of Mega Man most of us have grown up with. Mega Man 11 is an action-platformer which is split into 12 stages, 8 main stages and then the 4 end game stages. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for Torch Man stage and boss. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this guide.

Mega Man 11: Torch Man Stage & Boss Guide

Proceed right and then shoot the 2 teepees to unleash a Wild Robbit, a bunny enemy. Players will encounter Air Fire, the disappearing enemy from Block Man‘s stage but this variation is on fire. There will be 2 Mash Burners, mushroom lighter enemies blocking the platforms so eliminate them to proceed. A single shot turns off their flame but they will explode if shot more than once so be careful not to set them off. A Lamper, a flying hawk lantern-esque enemy, will attempt to crash into the player while a Tatepakkan, the shielded enemy, is tucked under the teepee. Take out the Wild Robbit and Lamper as you traverse the platforms. There will be a Tank Oven, a trashcan like tank enemy that will fire carrots. Use the Power Gear with Pile Driver to destroy him or shoot him with the Mega Buster slowly push him off the platform.

Tank Oven will fire carrots at the player

Players will have to move fast in this section as a wall of flames will approach the player as they navigate between the environment and enemies littered throughout. Usage of the double gear system will definitely help either by muscling through, or tactfully dashing about since the flame can 1 shot players. If you have the Tundra Storm weapon, you can use it with the Power Gear to release a large screen blizzard that will temporary freeze the approaching inferno.

A wall of flame will be on your tail, if it gets too close you’re toast!

Using Tundra Storm will temporarily freeze the flame wall to give you some relief

The Mash Burners will heat up select platforms as they move on their set path, avoid the heated areas to safety cross. In this section keep the Lamper alive as he provides light making the environment less hazardous. If players have killed him by accident, use Scramble Thunder from Fuse Man to temporarily light things up.

Mash burners can heat up the path from below, stepping on the burning hot areas will cause damage

Shoot the Mash Burners once to de-light them and then you will be able to use them as stepping stones to cross. Take out any enemy that stands in your way to reach the mini boss.

Mini-boss: Sparkey the Barbecue Turkey

This mini boss plays similarly to Overdrive Ostrich back in Mega Man X2 as he will jump high in the air then land in the opposite side of the area. His weakspot is his neck/face/frontal area, any other spots will cause your attack to bounce off or be negated. Once the boss has taken some damage, his flame aura dissipates and lays an egg. The egg will hatch a Mini Sparkey, a chick that will harm players. During this time a Lamper will shoot a flame towards the boss which reignites him.

In this phase the boss will be shoot several flame projectiles towards the player. This phase will play out like it did in phase 1: players will have to shoot the boss while avoiding him and his little hatchlings.

Best ways to take out Sparkey is to use Speed Gear as close as possible to him as you quickly fire your un-upgraded Mega Buster. This will destroy him before he gets a chance to be re-lit by the Lamper netting players the Cold Turkey trophy. Using Tundra Storm is another good option on lower difficulty, since you would want to save it for the inferno portions of this stage and for Torch Man himself. It will be difficult to find weapon energy items playing on the harder difficulties.

Afterwards, head right to pick up the health items scattered about and shoot the Tank Oven off the platform. The large flame wall comes back again so run as fast as you can using the Speed Gear or Tundra Storm if necessary.

Once players get past the second inferno they will come across several Shpider, spider like enemies, that once hit unleashes Mini Shpiders. Use charge shots to defeat them in 1 attempt. Avoid the red platforms caused by the Mash Burners’ flame.

Players can use Rush Jet to reach the opposite platform

Climb up the ladder and use Rush Jet to reach the other side of the area. Alternatively players can shoot the Mash Burner once, jump on top of him and use him as a springboard which will allow them to get more height to reach the other side. Jump off once before the Mash Burner falls off the side.

Players will encounter a Lamper and a Tatepakkan blocking the path with several platforms they must jump to traverse. Stand on the left of the screen and wait until the Tatepakkan lifts his shield, quickly use Speed Gear and destroy him. Cancel Speed Gear and travel normally across the platforms. Leave the Lamper alive as he is the only light source during this section. There will be a Tank Oven that can be pushed in the hole with Mega Buster shots or defeated with a Power Gear infused Pile Driver. Jump on the wooden bridge and avoid falling onto all the Mini Shpiders. This section is pretty straightforward.

Eliminate the Wild Robbit and the Tatepakkan and prepare yourself for the final inferno. Walk into the next section and stay to the left of the screen. Fire Mega Buster shots to the right on the ground and while jumping. This grants you a path which allows you to avoid several Mash Burners.

Boss: Torch Man

Torch Man usually starts the fight with a triple fire shot alternating from low, high, low. He usually follows up this attack with a large jump and a fiery kick towards your location. He may jump close to you in an attempt to roundhouse kick you. Use your Speed Gear to give yourself more time to react to this attack. Attacking him works best during his fire shots if you aim for his head/torso, as his shots blocks your attacks. When he jumps around to get space or start with fiery kick are also good times to shoot him.

When he loses about 50% of his life, Torch Man will activate his Power Gear, which drapes him in a fiery aura and sends out slow flame hoops. He will jump towards the other side and release another hoop; this can happen up to 3 times. At this point, Torch Man will jump towards the sky and come crashing down at your location in a large AOE wildfire storm.

If players have Tundra Storm, the weakness of Torch Man, they can quickly defeat him by using it with the Power Gear. About 3 Power Gear infused Tundra Storms can defeat Torch Man on Super Hero Mode.

Below are walkthroughs for defeating him solely with the Mega Buster and another guide on how to defeat him on Super Hero Mode:

Mega Man 11 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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