Mega Man 11: Impact Man Stage & Boss Guide

Mega Man 11: Impact Man Stage & Boss Guide

Last updated on November 2nd, 2018

Capcom’s Mega Man 11 is part of the 30 years anniversary celebration and is being directed by Koji Oda and produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. Mega Man 11 adds the Speed and Power Gear while keeping the original style of Mega Man most of us have grown up with. Mega Man 11 is an action-platformer which is split into 12 stages, 8 main stages and then the 4 end game stages. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for Impact Man stage and boss. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this guide.

Mega Man 11: Impact Man Stage & Boss Guide

Start the level by shooting down the barricade signs and take out the Metalls that are scattered throughout the first 2 sections. Players will find Pickmans, pick axe throwing enemies blocking their path along with more barricades.

Pickmans throw axes at players so watch out for their tools

Fall to continue downwards and take the moving platform. Destroy the Missile Cone, the traffic cone enemy to the left who will be shoot homing cones at the player. Players must jump onto the lower moving platforms, while avoiding enemy projectiles until they reach the bottom right area to advance to the next section. Shoot the barricades, take out the Pickman and jump over the spike pit.

Cones are projectiles that will try to destroy you

Avoid the Gabyool that will be sliding on the ground towards you, take out the Missile Cone after the ladder, the barricade will come next followed by a Metall and Pickman. Continue ascending while eliminating the enemies that block your path, then enter the passageway on the top left. Players can use Rush Coil to skip some platforms if they so desire.

Climbing the ladder will put players in front of the Mawaru C, wheel-like enemies that you may have seen from Block Man’s stage. Simply jump over him, then stay on the path. Players will see yellow arrows depicting the direction a drill will appear and the direction it will follow. Take your time or use the Speed Gear to easily pass this hindrance. Players can unlock the Live to Fight Another Day trophy by dodging all the Impact Brothers before reaching the boss.

Arrows will show you which directions the drills will travel in

Take out the Arc Weldy, the small welder enemy, the 2 Missile Cones, and the lone Pickman to safely jump on the proper platforms, to reach the ladder on the opposite side. Descend the ladder and repeat taking out the enemies while ascending to eventually fall downwards to the left.

Jump over the Mawaru C while charging your Mega Buster to take out the Arc Weldy, before he creates too many hazards. Take out the barricade, then proceed to take the moving platform to the end. Be on alert, as there will be Pickman and Missile Cones that will be sending projectiles your way.

Once again, players will see yellow arrows depicting the direction a drill will appear and travel. Take your time or use the Speed Gear to easily pass this obstacle. The drills will start moving in new directions so don’t get cocky! Eliminate the last barricade and Pickman to reach the mini-boss gate.

Mini-boss: Pickman Digger

Aim for the dome house of the Pickman Digger to deal damage. The boss will then swing down the arm of it, so make sure you keep some distance to avoid taking damage. It will then swing in a 360 degree fashion, forcing players to jump over it when it approaches. It will then re-position itself and lower its arm, this time you need to be in close proximity to him so he can’t hurt Mega Man.

Create some distance between you and the Pickman Digger as his arm can extend and spin 360

The Excavator will slam the wall and a Missile Cone will be riding on top shooting projectiles at the player. Continue pelting the dome of the Pickman Digger with charge shots to defeat this mini boss.

Block Dropper can be used on the min-boss to damage him

Note: If players have Block Dropper the weapon from Block Man, they can elect to fire 1-2 Power Gear infused Block Dropper to quickly get rid of this mini boss.

After collecting the weapon and health energy item, proceed to climb the ladder. This next section is quite dangerous as several projectiles will be launched and home in on your position. Hopefully players will have the Acid Barrier weapon obtained by defeating Acid Man. Using Acid Barrier will prevent those projectiles from harming you and you will need to be reapplied twice during this section. For those who do not have Acid Barrier, Block Dropper is a good alternative if you have enough weapon energy. It is also possible to just shoot the projectiles with your Mega Buster if you do not have either of these weapons currently.

There will be 3 Missile Cones that will shoot their missiles once they have sight of you. Simply use a Power Gear Block Dropper or forgo them and just climb the ladder to move on. Be wary of the Mawaru C on the ground floor.

Use the Power Gear to shoot twin charge shots at the Metall, then avoid the Missile Cones attacks. Climb up the ladder and repeat the same Power Gear tactic to defeat the Metall here. Jump onto a moving platform and take it almost to the end. There will be a ladder protected by 2 Missile Cones. Throughout this area, the Drill Brothers will be making their way across the screen in several directions. Use the Speed Gear and the Rush Coil to avoid them and quickly leave this section.

Avoid the Gabyoall patrolling the ground as you take out the Pickman. Hop over to the platform to enter the next section where there are 2 barricades blocking the path. Simply shoot them and jump in the gap. The Drill Brothers will once again show up, so use your Speed Gear to avoid them as you land. Quickly take out the several Missile Cones or forgo them to enter final gate to the boss stage.

Boss: Impact Man

Impact Man will start the fight by dashing towards you and drilling the wall. Jump over him and shoot him with your Mega Buster. He may follow up this attack by dashing to the opposite side. Impact man will become a 3 sided drill head and leave nails on the floor. These can be destroyed with charged Mega Buster shots. This is used to limit the safe spaces you will have. Always jump when Impact Man crashes down, as his weight stuns you for a moment stopping you from using a counter attack.

Impact Man can transform into a three sided drill head that will try to drill you into the ground

When Impact Man loses 50% of his health, he will engage his Power Gear allowing him to grow several sizes larger and piston down your location. Use the Speed Gear to avoid him while jumping as he lands, to prevent being stunned. He will do this about 3 times before breaking up into 3 Drills and reforming. Proceed to fight him you used at the beginning of this stage.

If players have the Acid Barrier weapon from defeating Acid Man, they can use it to inflict lots of damage to Impact as that is his weakness. As long players are encased in the Acid Barrier, they will have infinite ammo to shoot. Avoid making contact with Impact Man, as this will pop your barrier and injure you.

Below are walkthrough guides for defeating him solely with the Mega Buster and another guide on how to defeat him on Super Hero Mode:

Mega Man 11 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

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