Mega Man 11: Acid Man Stage & Boss Guide

Mega Man 11: Acid Man Stage & Boss Guide

Capcom’s Mega Man 11 is part of the 30 years anniversary celebration and is being directed by Koji Oda and produced by Kazuhiro Tsuchiya. Mega Man 11 adds the Speed and Power Gear while keeping the original style of Mega Man most of us have grown up with. Mega Man 11 is an action-platformer which is split into 12 stages, 8 main stages and then the 4 end game stages. Any of the 8 main stages can be done in any order you choose. Below is a guide for  Acid Man stage and boss. I will explain how to defeat each enemy and boss in this step-by-step guide.

Mega Man 11: Acid Man Stage & Boss Guide

Start the level by charging your Mega Buster to destroy the Shpiders and jump into the acid pool. These acid pools are littered through the level and start off harmless. The acid pools danger level is indicated by the colour, starting yellow then turning to red and finally ending in green. There will be several Pipetto spitting toxic projectiles at Mega Man‘s location so move more rapidly by using the Speed and Power Gear to take them out without a fuss. The toxic projectiles can be shot at to be eliminated from the screen.

On the next screen, slide under the Shield Attacker and continue moving towards the bottom left corner. Be careful to avoid the 3 Mini Shpiders before the pipe. This will lead players to the underwater portion where 4 Brushy floats about. As players move throughout this section they will notice tons of “debris” in the form of eroded enemies bodies floating towards them. Either avoid them or shoot them when they get close. There will be a few Droppy and Shield Attacker M before players have to ascend the ladder.

You will encounter 3 more Droppys moving vertically at various speeds. Shoot them or quickly whiz by them, but avoid the left wall of spikes to reach the next screen. There will be 2 Shield Attacker M protecting the pipe players must take to leave.

Upon exiting the pipe, hold left to fall onto the platform nearby and use the Power Gear to defeat the Sniper Joe. Fall down, jump in the pool and slide towards the Pipetto. Quickly fire some pellets using Power Gear and repeat until you see the Sniper Joe. Use Power Gear and use a charge shot to eliminate him in 1 shot.

Descend the ladder and dash past the Shpiders and enter the pipe to another the underwater section. The roof is lined with spikes so avoid high jumping in the water which is easy due to the water. There will be several Brushys blocking your path along with debris floating from the left. Take out or slide under the lone Shield Attacker M to transition to the next screen.

Use Speed Gear to avoid landing on the tons of spikes on the walls on floor. Prepare yourself for a mini boss fight featuring the Cyclone W.

Mini-boss: Cyclone W

Cyclone W is a large scrubber whose body is the weak spot. Players can easily take him out if they use Power Gear with Block Dropper but if players are going for the trophy to eliminate all mini bosses with only the Mega Buster than we need to change tactics.

Cyclone W will approach Mega Man swinging its brushes up and down. Players can slide under the brushes and the robot to avoid being hit. Cyclone W will then move towards the right sticking out his brushes which can be jumped over. Afterwards the mini boss will release several Droppy and Brushy then proceed to spin moving them around the screen. Cyclone W can push you outwards or suck you towards him. Take out the lesser enemies first to give yourself more space to maneuver around.

Cyclone W can push you outwards or suck you towards him.

After the mini boss have been defeated, take the gate out of the room and slide until you reach the next screen. Debris and water will constantly push players back as they attempt to advance to the other side. Use Speed Gear to help you shoot the debris in your way. then take the pipe to exit the underwater portion. There will be numerous Pipetto, acid pools, and platforms to navigate through. Firstly, shoot the Pipetto to prevent them from making the pools hazardous. Slide across the pools to cover ground faster than walking. Take out the Sniper Joe using Power Gear, enter the pipe, shoot the 2 Brushy while avoiding touching the spikes on the ground.

Players will reach a section where the roof and ground is littered with spikes with a lone rotating platform. Use Power Gear Pile Driver to cross the distance safely. Destroy the Shield Attacker M on the lower side to slide towards the next screen. Take out the enemies using Power Gear Block Dropper and ascend the section by climbing the rotating platforms while avoiding the spikes near the top.

Bypass all the Brushys and angle your jumps to avoid making contact with the spikes. Players can elect to purposely take damage from a Brushy then quickly move without being scared of the spikes while the invincibility window is up. Enter the pipe whilst veering right to fall more to that side as this will allow the player to take out Pipetto before he changes the acid pool. Hop across the rotating platforms to reach the boss known as Acid Man..

Boss: Acid Man

For players looking to get the Boss Buster trophy remember to only use your Mega Buster in the fight. Acid Man will start this fight by setting up an Acid Barrier, proceed to use Speed Gear to shoot Acid Man’s barrier with ease which will result in some damage taken by him. He will jump over the player and shoot out 3 acid shots. To avoid the shot, create distance between you and the boss as well as jump. Acid Man will continue this attack pattern until his health reaches 50% which will trigger a new strategy.

At 50% health, he will jump into the acid and create a wave due to his quick speed. He will jump from the acid to shoot 3 acid bullets while in the air. Acid Man will continue this pattern about 3 times before starting his attack pattern with an Acid Barrier.

Acid Man will use a barrier to help protect himself and shoot out acid as his attack.

Below are a guide for defeating him solely with the Mega Buster to gain that Boss Buster trophy and another guide on how to defeat him on Super Hero Mode. By following this guide hopefully you’ve bested the Acid Man!

Mega Man 11 is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on October 2nd, 2018.

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