Mass Effect Andromeda Shows New Gameplay Video at CES

Mass Effect Andromeda Shows New Gameplay Video at CES

At Nvidia’s keynote address for this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, new Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay footage was released. Check out the video below:

In the video, we see 2 minutes of one of the game’s returning Loyalty Missions which lets players explore the backstories of the characters in their squads, in this instance Peebee. After landing the Tempest, the brief gameplay unfolds with a selection of powers and gear before tackling some of the enemies on the ground.

Thoughts on the new gameplay footage? Bioware announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will release on March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Just under 3 months until we embark on a new journey in the Andromeda Galaxy!

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7 comments on “Mass Effect Andromeda Shows New Gameplay Video at CES”

  1. theinvoker says:

    i think that if i have only 3 slots for active abilities it will be a mistake

  2. Avatar Kelwing says:

    Underwhelming to me so far. Big fan of the ME series but that 2 minutes did nothing. Game looks gorgeous. Which is expected from the Frostbite engine. I need to see more game play, skills etc. Hopefully there is better information released over next 2.5 months.

  3. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    Yup, underwhelming af. Also still concerned about the amount of abilities we’ll get…

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    It actually looked good to me xD

    It’s not mind blowing but I never expect bioware games to have excellent combat.

  5. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    The mobility looks great. I’m just concerned it’s getting streamlined too much.

  6. Avatar Fexelea says:

    This was a concern that had mentioned as well. I’m hoping we’ll get some better early gameplay that is more in-depth so we see how skills will work.

  7. Avatar Tarshana says:

    It is an action game with a minor story from the people who are long gone and no longer work with EA. You get Halo with Asari bewbs :P

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