Mass Effect Andromeda New Apex Mission Available May 25th – 29nd

Mass Effect Andromeda New Apex Mission Available May 25th – 29nd

BioWare has released the next limited time Apex mission for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer. It is available from today until Monday the 29th on every platform.

Players can join the elite APEX forces and take part in the next of several ongoing story-based missions that will feature new playable characters, weapons and items. This Mission, “Deeper into the Ruins” takes place in the new map Remnant Location. You must return to the Archon’s secret dungeon as one of the first ever, outside of the kett, to set foot in the dark and desolate halls of the Archon’s lair.

You will have access to Shield Enhancer which increases maximum shield strength with amplified kinetic barrier generators, and the Shock Trooper upgrade that increases shotgun damage and power cell carrying capacity. The match modifier is Weakened Assault Team: you will have to fight through the challenge of reduced shields and health so you will have to use your combined power and shield boosters.

Your objectives are now live through the weekend. Happy hunting!

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