Mass Effect Andromeda New Apex Mission Available June 8th – 12th

Mass Effect Andromeda New Apex Mission Available June 8th – 12th

BioWare has released the next limited time Apex mission for Mass Effect: Andromeda’s multiplayer. It is available from today until June the 12th on every platform.

Players can join the elite APEX forces and take part in the next of several ongoing story-based missions that will feature new playable characters, weapons and items. This Mission, “Roekaar Occupation” takes place in the map Firebase Aqua. The Angara—and their Resistance—have long relied on this once-hidden clean water source for survival. Now that their water-processing plant’s location is no longer a secret, you need to make any invaders think twice about attempting to occupy it.

This mission will grant you a new playable character, the Angara Exemplar, and the Reegar Carbine Shotgun that is effective against shields and radiates enough energy to harm enemies near the main target. You will also have access to the Assault Rifle Amp which increases assault rifle damage and the Revive Pack Transmitter that lets revive packs work on the owner and on nearby teammates simultaneously.

Your objectives are now live through the weekend. Happy hunting!

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