Mass Effect Andromeda Launches This March

Mass Effect Andromeda Launches This March

BioWare has announced that Mass Effect Andromeda will launch for PS4, Xbox One and PC in NA on March 21st, 2017. It will be available worldwide on March 23rd. BioWare had this to say in today’s blog post:

Mass Effect: Andromeda is our most ambitious Mass Effect game to date. We’re telling completely new stories, creating new characters, new planets, new species, and introducing new gameplay systems. And for the first time, we’re bringing Mass Effect to the FrostbiteTM game engine, an incredible engine that’s delivering a tremendous graphical jump from the trilogy to Mass Effect: Andromeda. To deliver on this, we’re taking all the time we can to make sure you’re getting the best possible experience.

Members of the development team took the game’s holiday build home over the break and the resounding feedback helped lock in the release date. The release date initially seemed to leak last year, but now we finally have solid confirmation. You can check out the different launch edition options here.


Tonight’s Consumer Electronics Show will feature a new gameplay trailer, hot off the heels of today’s announcement so we’ll be sure to share it when it’s live. Our last look at gameplay during the Game Awards showed off some combat, weapons, the new ship called the Tempest and some of the characters we’ll be connecting with.

Who likes screenshots? You do? Of course you do! Here’s a bunch of new ones to drool over:

Excited for the day to be locked down? Mass Effect Andromeda was our top anticipated RPG of 2017 and for good reason. It’s narrative scope and depth of gameplay have it poised to be one of the blockbusters of the gaming year. Keep checking back with us for much more!

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6 comments on “Mass Effect Andromeda Launches This March”

  1. Avatar Emergence says:

    Bumping for those who haven’t seen the announcement or new screens!

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Hah so we were right about the leaked date. It’s gonna be a really busy Spring with all these games coming out!

  3. Avatar Invisible_Man says:

    it appears i haven’t learned anything over these last few years… as i seem to be contemplating a pre-order of ME:A (maybe even the deluxe edition) even after that bs with inquisition. maybe i should just shoot myself instead? fool me once… etc. so i guess it’s shame on me this time.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I’m preordering too. Hehe

  5. Avatar Invisible_Man says:

    i’ve just confirmed i’m a hopeless sucker. i pre-ordered the deluxe edition yesterday knowing full well what to expect, given ea-wears current track record. i should have just picked the shoot myself option.

  6. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Don’t despair, plenty of us are doing it too.

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