Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Released

Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Released

EA and BioWare have released the official launch trailer for Mass Effect: Andromeda, which releases March 21st for the PS4, Xbox One and PC. Check it out:

You are on a mission to find a new home for humanity. Explore dangerous worlds, keep your crew alive, and unravel the mysteries of Andromeda. The journey begins now. How far will you go?

The trailer is a much more story focused offering than the recent gameplay footage we’ve seen and recenters the narrative back on the mission to find a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. We get a look at the main characters in play and the dramatic push and pull that occurs during resource competition and the search for a new home for the races of the Milky Way, even though the trailer’s music would have you believe it’s only for humans. Maybe we bamboozled the other races into helping us. Story twist?


There are less than 2 weeks to release and this is one of the most anticipated games of the year. We chose Mass Effect: Andromeda as our Top RPG of 2017 in anticipation of its world spanning gameplay, narrative and dialogue. Want to win a copy of the game or a console? Head over to the wiki’s homepage and fill out the entry form. You can earn multiple daily entries, so get to registering and good luck!

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13 comments on “Mass Effect: Andromeda Launch Trailer Released”

  1. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    There seems to be a disconnect between the marketing team, and the classic sci-fi leaning of the Mass Effect series. Or perhaps corporate/EA doesn’t understand who the franchise was made for?

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    They showed action scenes and a blue alien girl sex scene – I think they know exactly what audience they are aiming for :P

  3. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    They showed stuff that is typical geek fair. However mass effect sits squarely in the same territory as the works of authors like Isaac Asimov. There has always been a learning on realism in it’s world building and dialogue. At least until some of the nonsense in ME3 and a little of what crept up in ME2. There is a reason people call Mass Effect the best Star Trek game ever made. It’s build on philosophical and scientific ideas and exploring those concepts. Like any real science fiction would be. This puts it firmly in the nerd category, not the geek category.

    When I watch the trailer I as a huge fan of the first game and science fiction feel like the trailer is not made for me. Because it highlights zero of the qualities that made Mass Effect distinct from future fantasy games. It’s the only other legitimate science fiction video game title aside from Deus Ex. At least that isn’t extremely esoteric.

    When I see the debriefing videos that attempt to explain the science/technology and go into those finer details of how the universe works, I get excited because that’s what Mass Effect was about. When I hear, "I don’t need an army, I’ve got a Krogan," all I hear is how everything is attempting to copy how Joss Whedon writes, and Hollywood markets. A part of me dies, the part that believes in artistic integrity.

    I’m sure the game is still good, but I can’t help but feel a bit disconnected.

  4. Avatar Fexelea says:

    I feel like that most times on a Dark Souls trailers tbh, so few of them convey what the game "is about" to me. But trailers are there to hype up people who may not be buying, present the game to a wider audience, etc, so I think they are aiming for a mix of "casual" sci-fi/action/adventure tones. Note it gives you no feel of depth of story or roleplaying enemies.

    I wouldn’t take it personally – the devs probably think they have you on the bag.

  5. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    I guess it is a safe bet a nerd like me would preorder despite marketing to a different audience. I’m just a tad nervous about the end product. I have been playing through the trilogy and I got where you meet up with Grunt in ME3, before the missions on Tuchanka, and his dialogue is so unnatural and obviously constructed in a way to convey comradery that it almost physically hurts. I remember when he expresses glee at the idea of maimed Turians, and all I can think about is my bro Garrus just above one floor. Paragon Shepard says she/he doesn’t want to talk to Grunt anymore due to how disgusting that behavior is. If anything Shepard should not be happy to see Grunt and Grunt shouldn’t give a damn if he ran into Shepard. They never really became close. It could be the writer for Grunt in ME3 specifically though. Because Jack is so damn on point with characterization in ME3 that I wish she was a more regular presence…. And a romance option for FemShep.

  6. Avatar BWO_RazrSrorm says:

    I’m excited. And tbh idk get why people have been negative/are negative about anything ME related. the only 2 things I disliked heavily about ME3 was how the endings were handled and how most of my choices from the past 2 games ended up just being a war asset.

    Like I guess I can see how it went from less scifi mystery to more action packed. But I still think it was ME through and through. Maybe i’m just too simple minded to understand some of these seemingly nitpicky complaints.

  7. Avatar Wolven_Soul says:

    *Grins Sheepishly* As a long time fan of Liara, I am kinda part of that particular audience.

    That aside, there is nothing in this trailer that is going to make me overcome my natural suspicion of Bioware and run out and get this game any time soon after it comes out. All the people in some kind of cryo sleep is a bit interesting, and I like when I hear them talking about exploration being a big thing. Again though, I am very leery about anything Bioware says so, I guess we will see when the game releases.

  8. Avatar Wolven_Soul says:

    The handling of the endings just about ruined the entire trilogy for me. I am pretty big on endings, as a really bad one can ruin an entire story for me, and ME3’s ending was that bad for me.

    More to the point however, I am just overall negative about Bioware. They’ve fallen far in my eyes and it is going to take an exceptional game to get back to the pedestal I once held them on. Well actually, Bioware has helped me to understand that no developer deserves to be on a pedestal, and that none of them should be given a pass on a bad game because of past glories.

    It was a hard lesson to learn, but in the end, everyone would be better to learn that lesson.

  9. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    The bigger problem with ME3’s ending is it makes the reapers looks like idiots. Especially when combined with the Leviathan of Dis DLC. The reapers were synthetics made to preserve organic life so it would stop killing itself by making synthetics, SO TYE REAPERS ARE LIKE, HEY LET’S DOT HE SAME DAMN THING? So much for being beyond out comprehension, they have the reasoning of five year olds.

    The entire set up to the original ending was littered throughout everything in the first two games. Hell the name of the series alludes to it. Element Zero creates dark energy when it creates the Mass Effect. Dark energy is a real thing and it causes the expansion of our universe. Tali’s whole recruitment mission talks about how the sun there is dying too quickly and later when you talk to Kal’Reegar during her loyalty mission they talk about how dark energy is causing this. The whole original ending where the reapers exist to prevent the expansion of the universe and all the problems that come with creating dark energy and accelerating this process is based on real science.

    But I guess we couldn’t have a sequel if we did that.

  10. Avatar BWO_RazrSrorm says:

    tbh I wish the indoctrination theory was the true ending.

  11. Avatar Wolven_Soul says:

    That is one major problem I had with it. The other that I had was that two of the options it gives you, control and synthesis, are two things that two bad guys in the series supported. Synthesis by Saren and control by the Illusive Man. The whole trilogy we look for ways to fight against the Reapers and suddenly at the last minute, we get those two options.

  12. Avatar SilkyGoodness says:

    My problem with Synthesis is throughout the series they have been trying hard to blur the lines between synthetics and organics. EDI starts to go through the human condition in ME3 but from the perspective of being much more intelligent than an organic and a few of the other unique aspects of her being. Like being able to be in multiple places at once.

    They show the geth in ME1 to have the capacity for faith and worship. They demonstrate that they only fought the Quarians for self defense. The reapers are also already partly organic as per ME2(though this may be another problem with the writing because the difference between organic and synthetic seems to only be what materials you’re made out of).

    Control is dumb not because that’s what the illusive man wanted, but because these are supposed to be GODDAMNED LOVECRAFTIAN GOD MACHINES. How in the hell are you supposed to just take control of that? Especially with a Prothean designed machine.

    It’s fine that the reapers can be defeated, but I wish there was a better resolution. I wonder what the resolutions would be with the original ending. I imagine the ending would be much more bleak.

  13. Avatar abraksil says:

    hahaah love the mass effect but this was more of the Hollywood Blockbuster summer movie trailer :D :D :D

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