Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Video Looks at the New Worlds We Will Colonize

Mass Effect Andromeda Initiative Video Looks at the New Worlds We Will Colonize

EA and BioWare have released the last Mass Effect Andromeda video for the Andromeda Initiative, which are a series of briefing that shed light on the game’s backstory and setting in the Andromeda Galaxy as the races of the Milky Way Galaxy are seeking a new home 600 years beyond the events of the first trilogy. Check it out this video that explores “Golden Worlds”:

The narration begins with a scientist from on board the Nexus station and explains the search for suitable habitats known as Golden Worlds. The search will focus on a pocket of stars in Andromeda called the Heleus Cluster in which 7 Golden Worlds have been identified, named Habitat 1- 7. The Nexus itself requires resources to be gathered from worlds which can be used to complete upgrades to it and awaken more colonists to help with the mission.

The video gives a brief look at each of the habitats and what they can provide, with Quarians mentioned as part of the resettlement effort. Establishing colonies on these worlds involves making contact, helping with disputes and problems or even using violence.


Interesting setup. The game and the activities we are going to participate is starting to take shape. We’ll be exploring new habitats, establishing colonies, harvesting resources for upgrades and subsequently reinforcing our hold on these new places. Thoughts on the game’s structure? Mass Effect Andromeda releases March 21st on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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  1. Avatar Fexelea says:

    That looks gorgeous. It’s getting me hyped… but there’s the dark souls 3 dlc… and I still haven’t played torment… and I have to find the last 2 enemies in Nier Automata… and ESO…


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