Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Limited Edition Announced!

Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Limited Edition Announced!

Idea Factory International has announced a $64.99 Limited Edition for their Dungeon RPG: Mary Skelter: Nightmares. Beginning from August 22nd, you will be able to place pre-orders for the game at Iffy’s Online Store.

Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Limited Edition, Pre-orders Starting Soon!


The Jail was a being – a living prison.
The young boy, Jack, and his longtime friend, Alice,
were brutally tortured as prisoners by the mysterious Marchens.

Each day brought about its own forms of madness.
The two kept their sanity by supporting each other
and promising that one day they would escape from this hell alive.

As if mocking their promise, the torturing they received intensified as the days went on.
Just when their bodies and souls were about to break,
and when the hopes they had kept alive were close to shattering,
a young girl appeared with a pair of giant scissors dripping with pink blood.

You’re the ones I’ve been looking for!

Below, are more details on the items packaged with Mary Skelter: Nightmares – Limited Edition:

Blood Maidens Cloth Poster

Climbing the Jail can be a nightmare! Prepare yourself with this Blood Maidens Cloth Poster. Hang it above your bed to keep the Nightmares away while you sleep!

mary_skelter_nightmares_limited_editionMaterial: 100% Polyester
Size: 18″ x 21.27″






Mary Skelter: Nightmares Novel Book

Dive deeper into the origins of the living Jail, its horrors, and the Blood Maidens and prisoners within it! Mary Skelter: Nightmares Novel Book is an original collection of short stories, complete with stunning, full-color original artwork!

Dimensionsmary_skelter_nightmares_limited_edition: 5.7″ x 7.7″
Pages: 107






Mary Skelter: Nightmares Official Art Book

Being prepared is key when traversing the living Jail. Gather all the intel and search for traps with the Mary Skelter: Nightmares Art Book. This full-color art book contains galleries, character information, rough art, and more to help with your survival in the dungeons!

mary_skelter_nightmares_limited_editionDimensions: 6.1″ x 8″
Pages: 70






Reversible Cover Sleeve

Just like the Blood Maidens, this cover sleeve transforms! Flip the cover sleeve to show the original Japanese cover sleeve!








Collector’s Box

The Collector’s Box will keep all of the items safe from gimmicks and Nightmares as you travel through Jail!

mary_skelter_nightmares_limited_editionSize: 6.5″ x 8.4″ x 1.7″








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