Lost Soul Aside Gains New Concept Art

Lost Soul Aside Gains New Concept Art

It has been a minute since we’ve seen much from the action-RPG Lost Soul Aside.

Lost Soul Aside Gains New Concept Art

Lost Soul Aside is part of the China Hero Project, an initiative that helps studios developing Playstation games. The game first gained great notoriety when the developer Yang Bing posted his first demo on Youtube, little did he know at the time that it would be met with such a great response.

The title has received a trailer during ChinaJoy 2018, and last we heard was in steady development. The developer UltiZero Games has released a new piece of artwork featuring a rocky environment, a lone figure standing amidst a thunder storm. The image shared via the official Twitter account, was also accompanied by a quick statement saying that the development team are “hard at work” and that it was too soon to “share more information”.

While this isn’t a whole lot of new details, just a new piece of art, it’s still intriguing to see more hints of concept. In the distance you can see a glow of a small make-shift campsite, maybe the goal of the travelling figure. There is also, dare I say, a dragon-like pet like creature accompanying, which could be what the evil mistress in the last trailer might have been referring to. Previous footage showed a promising fast paced, hack ‘n’ slash title with a mix of Devil May Cry and Nier Automata vibes.

If you want a refresher on the trailer you can watch it below:

Lost Soul Aside is set to release on Playstation 4 with no release window announced as of yet.

If you’re looking for more ChinaJoy projects be sure to check out the pixel Cyberpunk inspired action-RPG ANNO Mutationem. You can also learn more about Project Awakening, a high fantasy title which could be getting a demo soon.


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