Lost Eidolons the Turn-Based Tactical RPG Gets Dramatic New Gameplay Trailer

Lost Eidolons the Turn-Based Tactical RPG Gets Dramatic New Gameplay Trailer

The turn-based tactical RPG Lost Eidolons got a new dramatic gameplay trailer during ID@Xbox previewing the events of the game. Combat, civil war and a battle for the kingdom.

Lost Eidolons the Turn-Based Tactical RPG Gets Dramatic New Gameplay Trailer

Developer Ocean Drive Studio released a new trailer that features the civil war in the upcoming turn-based tactical RPG Lost Eidolons. The title gets an overview of the dramatic events taking place during a civil war meant to unite the lands of the kingdom. Taking up the role of the mercenary captain Eden, you’ll stand at nothing to bring down Emperor Ludivictus.

The trailer also previews some of the combat in action, with sword and shield moves but also calling down raining fire and lightning. There are also some mythical looking creatures to battle including giant snakes and a Manticore, what seems to be a giant lion with horns.

What is Lost Eidolons?

Lost Eidolons follows the story of Eden, a reputable mercenary in the fantasy world of Artmesia. An aristocratic conspiracy that causes him to follow the machinations of fate, a plot to overthrow the Emperor, Ludivictus. His journey will be riddled with “moral dilemmas, bitter farewells and emotional betrayal.

The single-player Action-RPG promised in-depth character customisation, a story focusing on bonds between allies, tactical combat, 20 playable characters, skills, spells and passive abilities.

The game uses both tactical turn-based grid combat and an out-game unit management system, to outwit and hopefully prevail in the revolution. Players can also expect not just turn-based battles but also some real-time exploration which was previewed in the previous ID@Xbox showcase last year.

Lost Eidolons Closed Beta

Lost Eidolons will be coming to Xbox Series X|S and PC in Q3 2022, with a second closed beta test expected to take place in April. Sign-ups are available on both platforms and will take place in the last week of April, with a duration of about 5 days. Players will get to experience the first, eight chapters of the game, with the full game having 27 chapters total. You can sign-up via the official website.

Those who took part in the first closed beta will find some changes including updated UI, a new story-driven tutorial, cutscene changes, improved camp content, bug fixes plus a number of quality of life additions based on player feedback.

Lost Eidolons is expected to release in Q3 2022 for Xbox Series X|S and PC.

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