Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide: How to Earn Gold NOW!
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Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide: How to Earn Gold NOW!

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide: How to Earn Gold NOW! In this Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide, I’m going to share the best ways to earn a decent amount of Gold by going through the activities you should constantly engage in on a daily and weekly basis. If you’re low on Gold and you’re looking at how to farm for the currency efficiently, then this Guide is for you!

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide: How to Earn Gold NOW!

Gold is one of the various Currencies in Lost Ark. Upon hitting Tier 1 in Level 50, losing Gold wouldn’t feel as painful since initially, honing attempts to improve your gear won’t cost as much as it does in later tiers. Upgrading your Stronghold also makes you spend Gold to progress further in the game such as by enhancing the success rate of honing Equipment for your alt characters. What’s more is you’re able to use this currency to purchase Skins, which also provide Virtue, Combat Items, Engraving Recipes as well as Ability Stones and Accessories.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide - Skins in the Market

These activities are much more costly nowadays since the sources of Gold have diminished starting in March 2022. And it becomes a persistent issue, especially if you were to min-max the Build of your characters. Without further ado, let’s start with the current state of Gold!

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Gold Crash

As of March 2022, the Gold value in Lost Ark NA/EU has crashed. This is due to the reduction in Gold rewards in activities such as Rapport Actions. As a result, there’s much less of this currency at the moment. Before it happened, selling honing materials and Accessories was very lucrative in the Market and Auction House, respectively, so much so that it was easy to save a lot of Gold because the economy used to be healthy. Even Trade Skills loot like Wild Flowers and Timber were profitable.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide - Wild Flowers in the Market

So in this guide, we’ll talk about the activities that will allow you to make enough Gold by dividing it into several sections based on importance including the dailies and weeklies that you need to participate in. Let’s talk about Chaos Gates first.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates are short activities, which will have you running around a map to destroy monsters with other players. This is similar to Chaos Dungeons except that the creatures are stronger and there will be more people involved. In the end, you’ll each get Secret Maps as well as the chance to bid for a Legendary Secret Map. What happens is that the final amount of Gold to purchase the latter map will be divided among the rest of the participants.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide - Chaos Dungeon Yellow Portal

With regard to the Secret Map, I recommend grouping up with 3 other players so you can receive 4x the loot. Possible rewards include Legendary Engraving Recipes and auxiliary materials like Star’s Breath and Moon’s Breath to improve your success chances when upgrading gear. But primarily, you’ll receive Shard Pouches. These cost a hefty amount of Gold when you sell them in the Market. For example, in the US West Server, a purple Life Shard Pouch (L), which can be obtained from Legendary Secret Maps, costs 350 Gold apiece whereas its Rare counterpart from Rare and Epic Maps will give 227 Gold per pouch.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide - Shard Pouches in the Market

Next, the higher the level of Chaos Gate you participate in, the more the Rift Pieces you obtain. These Rift Pieces are another form of roster currency, which you can exchange for Secret Map Chests, thereby allowing you to gain more Shard Pouches for Gold. Note that these chests contain random-colored maps so if you get the Capricious Elemental’s Secret Map in Rohendel, it won’t necessarily guarantee that you receive a Legendary Secret Map. It’s merely one of the 3 options available.

Now the cheapest Tier 1 Rift Piece Exchange would be the NPC found in North Vern, which costs the following:

  • Rare Rift Secret Map Chest – 100 Rift Pieces
  • Unstable Rift Secret Map Chest – 150 Rift Pieces
  • Cracked Rift Secret Map Chest – 250 Rift Pieces

Since these have a weekly roster limit, the goal is to purchase all three per week. Only if you have extra Rift Pieces, should you consider purchasing Secret Map Chests in Yorn because at the moment, Tier 2 Shard Pouches are also selling quite well in the Market especially since the Glaivier Advanced Class is about to be released this April 2022. The majority of players will likely rush through Tier 2 to get their new Glaiviers to Tier 3. But remember that the Yorn Map Chests are costly since you’ll end up spending 1,250 Rift Pieces per week.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide - Rift Piece Exchange in Yorn

The schedule for Chaos Gates alternates with that of Field Bosses, meaning that if the latter are available during a certain day, then Chaos Gates won’t be. So you can usually engage in this activity every other day.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Masterpiece Collectible

Similar to Silver’s Sea Bounties Collectible, you can earn Gold as a one-time reward when handing in Masterpiece Points to Alfonso, the Masterpiece Exchanger, in Sunflower Island. Masterpieces are obtained by completing certain percentages in a continent’s Adventurer’s Tome, gaining enough Reputation from finishing Una’s Daily Tasks, and collecting Mokoko Seeds. To see a full list, you may refer to this Collectible’s Collection Status. When you collect 20, 30, 34, and 38 Masterpieces, you’ll receive Artist’s Treasure Chests that’ll yield heaps of Gold. This can go as high as 13,000 in one chest!

Gold - Masterpiece Collectible

Since you’ll be sailing across Arkesia, it’s important to remember to upgrade your ship to at least Level 5 to improve its durability and speed. Additionally, should you have enough Blue Crystals, I highly recommend purchasing the Ship Skin: Hermida’s Song in the Lost Ark Shop so you can automatically sail at full speed.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Island Quests

Visiting Islands per roster is a good way to not only complete Quests related to them but also earn rewards including Gold along the way. For instance, if you go to Lopang Island to start the Lopang Inc. quest chain by speaking with Senior Manager Jasni, you’ll eventually get a lot of Silver and the corresponding Island Token. Should you finish the entire questline, you’ll be rewarded with 100 Gold. This goes for the other islands, which you should visit as soon as you hit Item Level 250.

Here is a list of some of the best islands to complete quests in as you’re navigating your way through endgame:

  • Aiwana Island – Start with The Perfect Getaway Quest
  • Blackfang’s Den –  Start with the Beastly Origins Quest
  • Dreamgull Island – Start with the Seagull Sojourn Quest
  • Lullaby Island – Start with The Forest Where Fairies Sing Quest
  • Peyto Island – Start with The Future is in Our Hands Quest
  • Revelry Row – Unbreakable Beat Quest
  • Foggy Ridge – The series of Subjugation Quests found here will have you slaughter Guardian Raid Bosses to earn Gold but you’ll have to start the Find the Guardian Quest given by Avele in Vern Castle.

Gold - Foggy Ridge Find the Guardian Quest

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Una’s Token Exchange

The next essential activity you ought to participate in is the Una’s Token Exchange. When you complete Una’s Tasks on a daily and weekly basis for your entire roster, you accumulate points, which grant Una’s Tokens. These tokens can then be exchanged for Gold via the Gold Shop NPC located in major cities of every continent. Depending on your main character’s tier, you’ll be able to acquire larger quantities of Una’s Tokens. So if you’re currently in Tier 2, 70 points worth of dailies and weeklies should yield 475 Una’s Tokens but if you’re already in Tier 3, then the same number of points will grant 1,040 tokens.

Gold - Una's Token Exchange

For the exchange, your goal is to always reach 500 Una’s Tokens before turning it in to get the Large Gold Chest. Doing so will give you a chance to randomly receive a Giant Gold Bar worth 10,000 Gold.

Daily Activities

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Rapport Rewards

In Lost Ark, you’re able to serenade and use Emotes on certain NPCs to develop a good rapport with but you can only do these daily for a total of 5x for either activity. If you have a subscription to the game via the Crystalline Aura, the limit increases to 6. Alternatively, giving them gifts is a great way to expedite the blossoming friendship and trust between the two of you. Starting in East Luterra, you’ll want to identify the ideal NPCs to have decent relationships with because they provide Gold as one of their rewards.

Gold - East Luterra Rapport

Even if the Gold sources for Rapport Actions have decreased, it’s still worth investing time into because they also provide other useful items like Stat Increase Potions, Silver, Crew Members, and emotes, to name some.

Gold - Sasha Rapport Rank Rewards

For instance in East Luterra, when your relationship with Thirain becomes Friendly, you’ll receive 100 Gold. This is also true for the NPCs in Arthetine, North Vern, Feiton, and so on. In Arthetine if Sasha becomes Affectionate towards you, you’ll have received a total of 3,500 Gold! As such, remember to perform all Rapport Actions everyday to save Gold even if it’s only a one-time thing. Make sure to verify the ones who will provide this currency as a reward by checking out their Details via the magnifying glass that’s located at the upper righthand corner of every NPC.

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Adventure Islands

The next daily activity to engage in is the Adventure Islands from the Procyon’s Compass. Here, you’ll be selecting from 3 islands depending on whether or not it provides Gold as a reward. Note, however, that the rewards rotate so it’s best to check the in-game calendar.

Gold - Adventure Islands

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Chaos Dungeons

Participating in Chaos Dungeons everyday should give you roughly about 30 or more Gold if you happen to travel to a yellow portal, which will have you slay the creature inside of it. Note, however, that this portal is random so you won’t be able to go through it every time you enter Chaos Dungeons.

Chaos Dungeon Yellow Portal

Another source of income would be selling the honing materials you gather from this activity in the Market. Again, it’s not going to be as high as before but it should provide you with a little bit of Gold.

Weekly Activities

Lost Ark Gold Farm Guide – Abyssal Dungeons

Abyssal Dungeons are weekly activities that can be performed by up to 6 characters in your roster. This is comprised of a series of tasks including boss fights with unique mechanics, which must be completed to progress further. In the end, you’ll receive approximately 80-100 Gold depending on your current tier and the dungeon itself, and later on, about 600-900 Gold in Tier 3. You’ll also be rewarded with Accessories, which can be sold in the Auction House based on their Combat Engravings, Bonus Effects, and quality. You can check out our Combat Engravings Guide to determine the best ones to look out for under the “Random Engraving Effect” to sell your Accessories.

Gold - Abyssal Dungeons

Additionally, Bonus Effects should only revolve around Crit, Specialization, and Swiftness for better value. Remember to identify the item’s trend to price them appropriately. For example, the Twisted Light Necklace with Crit, Specialization, and Cursed Doll in Tier 2 can be very desirable and sold for Gold.

Selling Ability Stones and Gems

In addition to Accessories, you should sell Ability Stones and Gems in the Auction House. Since the Glaivier is about to be released, you can expect that Tier 2 items will skyrocket in value in order to optimize this new Class and rush to Tier 3 as soon as possible. Just like in Accessories, remember to look for Ability Stones with desirable Combat Engravings. For Gems, you’ll want to search for those that enhance the damage for meta Skills such as Punishing Strike, Moonlight Sonic, and Maelstrom. You can refer to our Build Guides for more information on popular skills.

Gold - Accessories and Ability Stones Sold in the Auction House

Trade Skills Loot via Platinum Fields

The last Gold activity on our list is the Trade Skills loot, which can be obtained from Platinum Fields. Unfortunately, it’s not lucrative in the Market at the moment given the dwindling prices of these materials. But if you want to continue selling them, then your best option would be to enter Platinum Fields, particularly Nahun’s Domain. This requires a ticket, which is randomly dropped when engaging in various trade skill activities such as Logging, Foraging, and Mining.

Gold - Platinum Fields

Platinum Fields is a great way to receive a ton of Trade Skills loot since you’ll mostly have the entire luscious field for yourself, making it ripe for the taking. For instance, if you intend to sell Tender Timber, then you ought to keep chopping down trees. Per run, you can obtain about 200+ of these, allowing you to earn 100 Gold in the US West Server.

While you’re out in the world, it’s a good idea to level up your Trade Skills to improve efficiency. And finally, remember to consider checking the Market to identify the best materials you ought to collect to make the most worthy sales possible.

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Endgame Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. You can also check out our Build Guides like the Artillerist, Berserker, Deathblade, Scrapper, and Gunslinger. What did you think of this Lost Ark Combat Gold Farm Guide? How is your gear progression going so far? Are you excited to play as a Glaivier? Let us know in the comments below!

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