Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide: How to Prepare for the Glaivier Advanced Class

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide: How to Prepare for the Glaivier Advanced Class

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide: How to Prepare for the Glaivier Advanced Class. In this Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide, I’m going to talk about how you can prepare for the arrival of the Glaivier or Lance Master Advanced Class on April 21, 2022. We’ll be talking about the number of honing materials you’ll need as well as the activities that your characters (main and alt included) can do to prepare these materials in advance so you can efficiently level up from Tier 2 to Tier 3. If you’re searching for ways to progress your Glaivier quickly, then this guide is for you!

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide: How to Prepare for the Glaivier Advanced Class

The Lost Ark Twitter Account confirmed the arrival of the Glaivier this April, and with it, comes a new Feiton Powerpass. There’s no official confirmation yet but you’ll most likely have to complete the Feiton main Quests with another character, similar to how Smilegate RPG has done it for the Vern Powerpass. Should you use this for the Glaivier, you can progress her respective Item Level to 960 to play Tier 2 content right from the get-go.

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide How to Prepare for the Glaivier Advanced Class

To reach Tier 3, you’ll need to reach Item Level 1,100, which is equivalent to +15 per Weapon and Armor piece. So let’s first talk about the approximate number of honing materials you’ll have to collect now in order to get to Tier 3 with your Glaivier as soon as possible.

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide – Breakdown of Honing Materials

For Tier 2, you’ll need the following estimated amount per honing material and currency to achieve an Item Level of 1,100 in time for you to start doing quests on Punika:

  • Life Shards ~ 273,200
  • Guardian Stones ~ 27,000
  • Destruction Stones ~ 9,000
  • Life Leapstones ~ 1,050
  • Caldarr Fusion Materials ~ 240
  • Silver ~ 619,200
  • Gold ~ 510

Note that these values take into account the research you’ve done in your Stronghold, specifically pertaining to the “Increase Tier 2 Honing Success Rate” and “Reduce Required XP for Tier 2 Honing”. If you’re lucky, you won’t necessarily use up everything listed here but if you’re having a terrible day, then it’s possible to consume even more materials.

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide Stronghold Increase Tier 2 Honing Success Rate

Next, let’s discuss the fastest activities that you should focus on doing before the Glaivier becomes available in a few days.

Various Activities to Farm Materials

Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids

In every major city, you gain access to Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. Completing both of these will reward you with the Arkesia Event Coin, Guardian and Destructions Stones, Life Leapstones, Life Shard Pouches as well as Accessories, Weapons, and Armor, which can all be dismantled for additional honing materials. Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids should be completed for all of your characters everyday but before doing either of these, remember to claim their respective Una’s Weekly Tasks to gain extra Life Shards.

Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide Chaos Dungeons Board

Infinite Chaos Dungeons

After depleting the Aura of Resonance of Chaos Dungeons, you’ll still be able to participate in the activity. Rather than getting the rewards we’ve mentioned, you’ll receive Guardian Shards, which can be exchanged for Life Leapstones, Life Shard Pouches, Guardian and Destruction Stones, and Tier 2 Accessories that should be dismantled once again. Simply approach the Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard NPC to begin the transaction. The Infinite Chaos Dungeons have no limitations so you can keep farming them everyday.

Exchange Chaos Dungeon Shard NPC

Arkesia Grand Prix and Event Guardian Raids

As mentioned previously, you’ll gain the Arkesia Event Coin from doing Chaos Dungeons and Guardian Raids. This currency is only limited and can also be obtained by completing the Arkesia Grand Prix, which starts every other hour. Simply finishing the race per day will give approximately 800 Arkesia Event Coins. I recommend doing the event daily for one of your characters since it’s roster-based.

Arkesia Grand Prix Racing Event

Another time-limited event that you should utilize is the Event Guardian Raid. This rewards a different type of currency, particularly the Winter Illusion Token. Once done, you’ll receive about 200 tokens. Unlike the Arkesia Grand Prix, the Event Guardian Raid can be completed by every character in your roster. Completing this on a weekend will grant 300 tokens per day.

Event Guardian Raid

The Arkesia Event Coins and Winter Illusion Tokens can then be exchanged via the Arkesia Grand Prix Manager and Exchange Winter Illusion Token NPCs, respectively. You’ll then be able to acquire Life Shard Pouches, Life Leapstones, and Guardian and Destruction Stones. You should also purchase Moon’s Breath, [Event] Metallurgy: Basic Folding, and [Event] Tailoring: Basic Knots to improve your chances of successfully upgrading the Glaivier’s gear.

Winter Illusion Tokens

Traveling Merchant Ship

Another area you should visit is the docks by the major cities to transact with Traveling Merchant Ships. Here, you’ll be able to exchange a portion of your Pirate Coins for Tier 2 materials including Guardian and Destruction Stones and Life Shard Pouches. You’ll be able to purchase these weekly for the entire roster. Pirate Coins ought to be easily accessible to you after completing Island quests and daily activities. Remember to open all of your Sailing Coin Selection and High Seas Coin Chests in order to trade Sun Coins for Pirate Coins since this is the most cost-effective option.

Glaivier - Traveling Merchant Ship

Chaos Gates

Chaos Gates is another roster-based activity, which can be checked via the Procyon’s Compass, and is available once every other day. After slaying all of the Bosses, you’ll receive a Secret Map that you can then share with 3 party members. Killing the boss in each of the 4 maps will reward you with 4 sets of Life Shard Pouches.

Anguished Isle

Next, if you have a Tier 3 character, sail to Anguished Isle and do the To the Anguished Isle questline. You’ll then gain access to a roster-based daily repeatable quest by the name of “May They Find Peace”. Upon killing 100 demons, you’ll receive the Garden of Despair Key and 150 Crimson Skein. You should spend this currency to buy up to 50 Life Leapstone Chests from Bhara, who is located beside the Garden of Despair. Since the Crimson Skein is available to all of your characters, you can have them purchase these chests multiple times per day.

Anguished Isle Merchant


The last activity on our list to prepare for the release of the Glaivier Class is the Stronghold. Go to the Lab under the Management option and check the Crafting Recipe Addition section. Select a Craft Method: Caldarr Fusion Material to research it. Whatever Trade Skill you enjoy doing should be the one you ought to choose, may it be Excavating, Fishing, or Hunting. As such, when you go out into the world and every time you do these activities, you’ll be rewarded with materials to craft Caldarr Fusion Materials.

Stronghold Craft Method Caldarr Fusion Material

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Boss and Endgame Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. You can also check out our recent endgame content including the Flame Fox Yoho and Vertus Boss Guides, Silver Farm Guide, Best Ways to Get More Skill Points, and Best Combat Engravings. We also have Build Guides for the Soulfist, Artillerist, Striker, Deadeye, and Bard, to name a few. What did you think of this Lost Ark Glaivier Class Guide? Are you excited about her arrival? Let us know in the comments below!


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