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Lost Ark Character Creation Guide 2022

Lost Ark Character Creation Guide: All Classes, Advanced Classes, Customizations, And More (NA/EU Launch). In this article, we’ll be taking a look at Lost Ark’s Character Creation in terms of the overview for each of the Classes and its corresponding Advanced Classes, customizations you can choose from, and much more! Lost Ark will be released on February 11, 2022, in North American and European Regions.

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Lost Ark Character Creation Guide: Classes & Customizations

Before we head onto the actual Lost Ark Character Creation section of the game, let’s first discuss the other features available to you before creating your characters. These include Character Slots, Powerpass, Reskin, and Change Name. To use any of them, you need to purchase their respective tickets with Royal Crystals, which are the only in-game currency bought with real money. However, the actual costs may change when the game launches since its business model is still undergoing testing.

Lost Ark Character Creation – Character Slots

By default, Lost Ark Character Creation provides you with 6 character slots per account where your main character is the first one you create together with 5 alternates to try out more of the Classes. If you’re the type of player who intends to compete with others by quickly leveling up your main character while acquiring powerful gear, then you should certainly make alt characters. This enables you to frequently finish daily and weekly quests including Abyssal Raids and Dungeons as well as Eponas, resulting in acquiring more gold and materials to upgrade your Equipment.

Lost Ark Character Slots

Now if 6 slots aren’t enough for you, you can purchase the Character Slot Extension Ticket, which costs around 900 Royal Crystals each for the characters you intend to make later on. Additionally and above your main character’s portrait, you can see your Roster Level, which shows the overall progress of your account as a result of the experience points gained by all of your characters.

Lost Ark Roster Level

Lost Ark Character Creation – Powerpass

At Lost Ark’s launch, you’ll gain access to the Vern Powerpass that your alternate Lost Ark Character Creation Classes can use to reach max level and to acquire regular gear as well as quests commensurate to their level. For example, all Vern and Shushire-related quests will have been completed, and you’ll be able to participate in Abyssal Dungeons. Based on the latest updates, you’ll be able to earn this by completing the Main Quest known as Ealyn’s Gift. After using it for one of your alternate characters, you’ll be sent a 2nd Powerpass via the in-game mail. However, it isn’t specified where you can get your 3rd Powerpass.

Lost Ark Character Creation – Reskin and Change Name

The last two features of Lost Ark Character Creation are Reskin and Change Name if you wish to change how your characters look as well as their respective names. Doing so will cost you around 900 Royal Crystals for the Appearance Customization Ticket, and 1,800 Royal Crystals for the Name Change Ticket, respectively.

Lost Ark Name Change Ticket

Basic Stats

Lost Ark Character Creation is different from some MMORPGs in that you’ll be selecting a class with predefined Basic Stats right from the beginning. As such, you won’t get to manually allocate points into attributes or Skills. Let’s first talk about these 5 stats.

The 5 available Basic Stats refer to your character’s aggregate traits or attributes that impact your playstyle such as Attack Power, Dexterity, Defense, Support, and Area of Effect (AoE) Radius. Attack Power pertains to the overall damage you inflict based on your attribute, may it be Strength, Intelligence, or Agility, in addition to your Weapon Power whereas Dexterity refers to how quick your character can be. The classes that have the highest Attack Power and Dexterity are Martial Artists, Gunners, and Assassins.

Lost Ark Martial Artist (Female) Basic Stats

Next is Defense, which pertains to the amount of physical and magical damage you can take, the HP they start with, and their resistance to Critical Damage. The classes that can hold their ground while effectively absorbing damage are Warriors and Martial Artists.

Finally, we have Support and AoE Radius. A higher Support spread allows you to protect the party from harm while restoring their HP and removing debuffs. Meanwhile, AoE Radius refers to the range or reach of your skills. The classes with the best Support and AoE Radius spreads are Warriors and Mages.

Lost Ark Warrior Basic Stats

These stats are improved by equipping better quality gear in the form of Weapons, Armor, and Accessories. For instance, Demonkiller’s Greatsword boosts Weapon Power, which enhances your Berserker’s damage.

Lost Ark Character Creation – Gender-Locked Classes

Lost Ark Character Creation features 5 Classes and 15 Advanced Classes but not all of them have male and female counterparts except for the Martial Artists and Gunners. To address this, Smilegate RPG and Amazon Games confirm that players can expect more counterparts for gender-locked classes to be released in the future but we don’t know the exact dates just yet.

Lost Ark Lost Ark Character Creation Striker Class

Lost Ark Character Creation – Classes and Advanced Classes

Right after selecting your class, you’ll be talking to Beatrice to further specialize in a subclass or advanced class at Level 10. Out of the 15 advanced classes that were available in Closed Beta, the Summoner won’t be making it at launch. It was instead swapped for the Sorceress, which was the newest class released in August 2021 for the Korean version of Lost Ark.

Lost Ark Character Creation New Sorceress Class

Without further ado, let’s go through these classes and advanced classes one by one. Also, stay tuned for another video in the next few days where we’ll discuss each of the classes in greater detail!

Warrior Class

In Lost Ark Character Creation, Warriors are tank-oriented in the sense that they can absorb and resist damage, allowing them to survive longer in combat. Although they’re not the most nimble class, they make up for it with heavy, direct, and powerful melee attacks. The 3 advanced classes of Warriors are the Berserker, Paladin, and Gunlancer.


Berserkers wield Great Swords to deal massive AoE Damage from a safer distance. They can activate fury to boost their Strength, and therefore, damage, as well as movement speed. Although they’re straightforward to learn, making them beginner-friendly, Berserkers tend to be problematic in fast-paced encounters since they sacrifice defense for offense and their skills’ cooldown rates are quite slow. But if you still wish to play as the most offense-oriented Warrior, then the Berserker is the advanced class for you.

Berserker Class


Gunlancers make use of Gunlances and Shields to defend themselves well. Because they can absorb greater amounts of damage thanks to their high HP, Armor rating, and impeccable defensive skills while taunting and interrupting enemies, they’re considered very tanky. However, their mobility is relatively slower compared to others. If you intend to play as a frontliner while holding your ground with ease, then the Gunlancer is the subclass you’re looking for.

Gunlancer Class


Paladins wield a Blessed Sword in one hand and a Holy Book in the other to not only inflict damage but also support their allies, making them the most balanced Warrior subclass. Additionally, they have numerous skills meant to heal and provide damage buffs to the party. But they’re not as straightforward to play compared to the Berserker and Gunlancer because of the need to gain a thorough understanding of the environment while mastering their abilities. Should you want to play the best of both worlds by dealing massive damage while supporting your team, then the Paladin would be the best advanced class for you.

Paladin Class

Mage Class

Mages are capable of supporting allies by healing and buffing them as well as dealing devastating damage from a distance thanks to the spells they cast. Compared to the others, however, they’re the most fragile class in Lost Ark. The 2 advanced classes of Mage are the Bard and Sorceress.


Bards have their trusty Harp, enabling them to play magical tunes to heal, buff, and shield their allies. Although with respect to the Paladin, they’re more geared towards fully supporting the party while weakening enemies rather than inflicting massive damage. Similar to the Paladin, they require practice to master the right timing when it comes to casting support spells. The Bard is a great class to play if you wish to fully aid your teammates in combat.

Bard Class


Sorceresses wield a Staff, which lets them deal destructive ranged damage in the form of three elements namely, fire, ice, and lightning. What makes their skills deadlier is the fact that they mostly inflict AoE damage, crushing most of their enemies in one go. Despite the Sorceress’s impeccable damage-dealing capabilities, they can get caught in the middle of combat, which may deem punishing. If you want to play as the classic Mage who casts familiar and lethal ranged spells, then the Sorceress is the best advanced class for you.

Sorceress Class

Martial Artist Class

In Lost Ark Character Creation, Martial Artists are the ultimate brawler class that utilizes explosive combos and nimble movement and attack speeds to debilitate and annihilate enemies. However, most of their skills only deal damage against single targets rather than groups. Martial Artists have 4 Advanced classes. The female Martial Artists are the Wardancer, Scrapper, and Soulfist while the Striker is the only male Martial Artist thus far.


Wardancers utilize Light Gauntlets to deliver swift punch and kick combos and are considered as one of the fastest classes in Lost Ark similar to Strikers. What makes them stand out is their ability to store energy in the form of Ki orbs. Once filled up, they’ll be able to cast their highly destructive ultimates. However, Wardancers have a higher skill ceiling due to slower cooldown rates coupled with quick responses to play effectively. If you thrive on fast-paced combat and you’re adept at dodging enemies well, then the Wardancer should be the advanced class for you.

Wardancer Class


Scrappers rely on Heavy Gauntlets to alternately use multiple skills to efficiently deal massive damage. Doing so allows them to balance energy resources. Even if they’re not as mobile as Wardancers, they can defeat enemies quickly due to how high their damage is. Scrappers are considered one of the best classes to play as a beginner since you simply have to manage and activate their skills in a certain order to get the hang of this Melee DPS Class.

Scrapper Class


As opposed to the rest of the Martial Artists, Soulfists can deal explosive damage up close or from a distance. They’re considered the jack-of-all-trades because of the volume of skills they have at their disposal but a master of none for the very same reason. As such, this is a difficult subclass to pilot, requiring you to thoroughly understand every skill. But if you’re up for the challenge of playing and testing all of their abilities to create numerous Builds, then the Soulfist is perfect for you.

Soulfist Class


Strikers wield Elemental Gauntlets to execute powerful aerial combos together with fast kicks and punches. They can store massive amounts of energy, which will then be unleashed to inflict huge damage across the field. Strikers have several skills that require performing back attacks, which are tough to constantly target. However, if you master these, you’ll be able to effectively knockdown and kill your enemies. Strikers are suitable for those who prefer and enjoy high-speed combat while using rapid and deadly combos.

Striker Class

Gunner Class

In Lost Ark Character Creation, Gunners are comprised of ranged damage dealers who wield technologically advanced weaponry to deal precise damage from a distance. Aiming from afar can be problematic at times but when perfected, you’ll be able to stay away from danger while eliminating enemies. Gunners have 4 advanced classes. The male Gunners are the Sharpshooter, Deadeye, and Artillerist whereas the Gunslinger is the only female Gunner available in the game.


Sharpshooters make use of Mechanical Bows, letting them hit enemies from farther distances. Similar to the classic ranger, they’re accompanied by a pet like the Silverhawk who aids them in encounters. However, it’s important to maintain a safe distance between them and their target to avoid incoming attacks. The Sharpshooter is a good beginner class for those who prefer using straightforward ranged skills.

Sharpshooter Class

Deadeye and Gunslinger

Since the Deadeye and Gunslinger essentially wield the same set of weapons even if their weapon focus is different, I’ll be talking about them side by side. Both advanced classes have access to the Sniper Rifle, Shotgun, and Double Pistols, allowing them to inflict damage at melee or ranged distances. Deadeyes are highly proficient in wielding Shotguns so they need to move up close and personal to deal double the damage at this range, making them more vulnerable to attacks.

Deadeye and Gunslinger Class

Comparatively, Gunslingers excel at using the Sniper Rifle to be able to shoot enemies from a very far distance. They can also easily switch to equipping the Shotgun or Double Pistols depending on the situation. If you have decent aim and you don’t mind the high difficulty curve of learning the weapon swap mechanics to manage all 3 weapons, then the Deadeye or the Gunslinger should be right for you.


Artillerists utilize a Heavy Machinegun to pulverize their enemies to the ground as it has the ability to transform into a flame thrower or rocket launcher. Among the Gunner advanced classes, the Artillerists are the tankiest of them all but due to the huge weight and size of their main weapon, they’re also less mobile. Because of this, enemies can evade the skill’s AoE before it even fully activates. Artillerists are a good class for those who are able to develop their game sense to determine the optimal time to use their short and mid-range skills.

Artillerist Class

Assassin Class

Assassins are manipulators of demonic powers to execute rapid and rogue-like attacks. Even if they’re not the most agile class, they still have the capability to efficiently destroy their enemies. The 2 advanced classes of Assassins are the Deathblade and Shadowhunter.


Deathblades utilize the power of the Three Swords to perform lethal combo attacks at melee range in order to overwhelm their enemies. However, the challenge lies in staying alive by dodging incoming attacks since they have low defenses and low HP. If you’re searching for a fast-paced class that’s able to carry out an impressive selection of melee combos while inflicting crowd control techniques, then the Deathblade is perfect for you.

Deathblade Class


Shadowhunters, on the other hand, have the ability to shapeshift into demons to utilize dark and chaotic damage, giving these monsters a taste of their own medicine. This coupled with their Dual Blades makes Shadowhunters formidable and worthy opponents on the battlefield, may it be from melee or ranged distances. Because of their aggressive nature and uncomplicated playstyle, Shadowhunters are one of the best classes to start your journey in Lost Ark with.

Shadow Hunter Class

Skill Respec

In Lost Ark, you won’t be able to change your class or advanced class so the moment you choose, you’ll be stuck with it unless you create another character of course. Comparatively, skills work differently in that they can easily be respeced. It’s a great feature in the game since you don’t need to spend anything to do so. Simply go to your skill menu, lessen the point allocation of a specific skill, and then click Save. What’s more is you’re able to save multiple skill presets so you can easily switch to them if you’re about to participate in PvP activities, for example.

Lost Ark Skill Respec

Character Customization

Going back to Character Creation, after selecting your class, you can either view your class’s story or customize the physical appearance of your character. At the right-hand side of your screen, you’ll be able to pick from a series of premade looks if you want to jump into the game as soon as possible or to change your face, hair, eyes, skin, special for makeup and tattoos, and voice.

Under each of these tabs, you’ll be able to specifically tweak the features you prefer. For example, under Face, you can tweak your character’s eye width, position, and shape. There are a ton of options to choose from to make your character as unique as possible so be sure to explore all of them.

Lost Ark Character Customizations Face

Furthermore, at the left-hand side of your screen, you can choose from several Display Outfits to see how well your character looks when donning these Armor Sets later on upon acquiring enhanced gear. There are also special animations or Emote Actions performed by your character. The more Emote Actions you unlock, the better as it improves your Rapport with NPCs to gain access to more quests and additional rewards.

Lost Ark Character Customizations Display Outfits and Emote Actions

And finally, distinct locations give you an idea of how good (or bad) your character will appear in certain backgrounds. You can then save the current customization settings you have should you wish to reload it for other characters under the same class.

That wraps up Lost Ark Character Creation Guide. Stay tuned for more Guides and be sure to check our Lost Ark Wiki or visit our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game! What are your thoughts about Character Creation? What classes are you thinking of creating first? Let us know in the comments below!

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