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Lost Ark Berserker Guide: How To Build A Berserker

Lost Ark Berserker Guide: How To Build A Berserker – In this Lost Ark Berserker Guide, I’m going to show you what it means to play as a Berserker in terms of how well they perform in combat, the best Skills and Tripods to focus on, and the playstyles available to them. If you’re searching for a Melee DPS Class that deals massive damage while remaining resilient in combat, then this Lost Ark Berserker Guide is for you!

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Lost Ark Berserker Guide: How To Build A Berserker

The Lost Ark Berserker is one of the Advanced Classes that fall under the Warrior Class. They wield a Greatsword to effectively deal heavy-hitting AoE damage to debilitate enemies or slay them outright. Furthermore, they’re a good beginner-friendly Class to start with given how straightforward they are to pilot.

  • Best Warrior Beginner Class
  • High DPS
  • Tanky Damage Dealer
  • Average Mobility
  • Long Skill Cooldown Period and Attack Animation

As a Lost Ark Berserker, you have a lot of Skills at your disposal that allows you to inflict huge damage while having the capability to stagger them as well. What also makes this class shine is their tanky and durable nature, which is unmatched compared to the other damage dealers out there. They also have a lot of Super Armors such as Paralysis Immunity to continue charging their attacks without being interrupted. However, for a beginner class, Berserkers need to learn to shift positions since they have skills, which require Back Attacks to inflict the most amount of damage possible.

Berserker Class Role and Identity

The Lost Ark Berserker is a Melee DPS Class that deals excellent burst and sustained damage. Although they’re not as versatile as the other damage dealers since they lack abilities that grant party buffs. As a Berserker, they have good to average mobility relative to the Gunlancer and Paladin. Because of this, it’s sometimes challenging to move from point A to point B without absorbing some damage. But due to his durability, he more often than not survives these types of encounters. Additionally, the Lost Ark Berserker has long skill cooldowns and slow animations to manage but they’re able to compensate for these shortcomings thanks to the highly impactful AoE damage they inflict. Basically, optimal positioning is key to dominating the battlefield.

Lost Ark Melee DPS Whirlwind Skill in Combat

All Advanced Classes in Lost Ark have unique Specialties or Identities that differentiate them from the other classes. These can either unleash more damage or enhance the buffs they grant. For the Lost Ark Berserker, it’s the Fury Identity to initiate Burst Mode. Burst Mode is quite similar to the Deathblade’s Deathblade Arts in that you automatically gain self-buffs on your attack speed and movement speed as well as crit rate to greatly improve your burst damage. All you have to do is to persistently attack enemies to accumulate Fury energy.

Lost Ark Berserker Fury Identity in Combat

While Burst Mode is active, you have the option to use Bloody Rush. This special Back Attack skill not only grants Push Immunity but also allows you to rip mobs of enemies into pieces. You can then knock them down right before the ability’s duration ends. Note that when you’re in Burst Mode, you won’t be gaining Fury energy. Moreover, the moment you go back into the Normal State, your Fury Meter will be affected by the Exhaustion Debuff. Much like the Shadowhunter’s Shadowburst energy, you have to wait for 30 seconds before you can start building up your Fury energy once again.

Lost Ark Berserker Best Skills and Tripods

By the time your Lost Ark Berserker reaches Level 60, you will have unlocked a total of 18 skills comprised of Normal and Awakening Skills. To add to this, you’ve invested several points into Normal Skills to specialize further by unlocking their respective Tripods. The Tripod System allows players to customize skills in various ways by improving damage or reducing the cooldown of corresponding abilities. In total, you only need 8 skills per character with a select number of tripods. In this section, I’ll cover the essential Normal Skills and tripods you should allocate points into regardless of the playstyle you end up choosing.

Lost Ark Berserker Skills and Tripods

Lost Ark Berserker Normal Skills and Tripods

Berserker Finish Strike SkillFinish Strike – One of the highest damage sources that allows the Lost Ark Berserker to perform one gigantic overhead attack with the Greatsword to deal great damage. What’s good with Finish Strike is you get to fatally harm many enemies because of how powerful this skill is. You can even inflict Damage over Time (DoT) with bleed as long as you choose Bleed Effect. But if you prefer to gain Push Immunity to prevent from being knocked back, then you ought to pick Tenacity. The other tripods worth investing in are Weak Point Detection to deal more damage against Push-Immune or stronger enemies and Lights Out, which converts Finish Strike from a Normal to Combo Skill. This lets you follow through by thrusting your weapon into the ground and harming nearby targets. Note, however, that Finish Strike’s cooldown will increase as a result but it should be fine given how impactful this skill is anyway.

Lost Ark Berserker Finish Strike Skill in Combat

Berserker Shoulder Charge SkillShoulder Charge – An excellent gap closer that lets you charge towards enemies and deal enough damage. To improve the distance you cover, it’s best to take Excellent Mobility. You can also enhance the damage inflicted while Should Charge is in effect and right before it ends by selecting Fury Explosion and Down Strike, respectively.

Berserker Tempest Slash SkillTempest Slash – Slashes enemies and sends them flying into the air. To utilize each of the attacks that Tempest Slash has to offer, the Lost Ark Berserker has to be near his targets before activating this skill. To affect larger groups while boosting your overall damage, you’re going to need Storm Slash. Tempest Slash is also particularly good against Push-Immune enemies thanks to Weak Point Detection. And finally, you ought to take Focus so you can gain more Fury energy.

Berserker Hell Blade SkillHell Blade – Thrusts the Greatsword deep into the earth to deal DoT while the skill is preparing for an explosive attack at the end. After the Holding period and upon hitting the Perfect Zone, you’ll be able to inflict massive damage against enemies surrounding you. What makes Hell Blade a good skill to have is its Leap Tripod. This lets you jump towards targets by simply pointing your cursor to wherever they’re at. The other upgrades to consider are Melt and Earth Flip to further plunge your Greatsword into the earth and deal greater damage.

Lost Ark Berserker Hell Blade Skill in Combat

Berserker Chain Sword SkillChain Sword – A Frontal Attack skill that lets you counter incoming attacks and deal damage twice thanks to Decimation. However, you have to position yourself in front of targets when it comes to initiating Chain Sword since you can’t change directions in between your attacks. You should then get Vital Point Hit to boost your crit rate and Quick Prep to significantly reduce this skill’s cooldown rate. Note that Quick Prep also reduces the overall damage you deal by half but it shouldn’t be a problem since you have other sources of damage anyway.

Berserker Strike Wave SkillStrike Wave – Unlocked at Combat Level 32. A Charge skill that allows you to deal devastating damage especially when the Greatsword is overcharged. While Strike Wave is charging, the Lost Ark Berserker can change orientations, albeit not as fast as the other classes. To make this skill highly effective in terms of dealing better damage when overcharging, you’re going to need Wave and Limit Break. And finally, you should choose Blaze Wave to inflict consistent and explosive damage.

Lost Ark Berserker Strike Wave Skill

Berserker Red Dust SkillRed Dust – Unlocked at Combat Level 36. Another good crit rate buff source thanks to Vital Point Hit. Not only does Red Dust inflict considerable damage when you strike upward, but it also temporarily boosts the damage taken by enemies. The other tripods you should then consider are Quick Prep to lower Red Dust’s cooldown period and Red Wave to enhance damage inflicted as well as the skill’s range.

Berserker Sword Storm SkillSword Storm – Unlocked at Combat Level 40. Jumps and smashes the Greatsword into the ground to deal massive AoE damage. What makes Sword Storm more suitable against Push-Immune targets is Weak Point Detection. You should then choose Vital Point Hit to boost your crit rate followed by Flame Storm to deal DoT by burning enemies. Should your HP be equal to 50% or lower, your overall damage will be significantly improved.

Lost Ark Berserker Alternative Normal Skill and Tripods

If you prefer to go for a classic Barbarian Build where you deal additional AoE damage quite easily, you can substitute Chain Sword for Whirlwind.

Berserker Whirlwind SkillWhirlwind – This lets you spin around in circles for several seconds to inflict damage against groups of enemies. You can control the Lost Ark Berserker by simply holding down your left mouse button while Whirlwind is active. The best tripods to select are Sustain Enhancement, Cracked Blade, and Vacuum Slash. This combination increases the skill’s uptime, range, and AoE to boost your overall damage.

Lost Ark Berserker Whirlwind Skill in Combat

Lost Ark Berserker Engravings and Stats

In Lost Ark, every Advanced Class unlocks Engravings that allow you to further specialize in your chosen Class as these grant special effects, which you can activate by reading Recipe Books and equipping Accessories and Ability Stones. You’re able to obtain them as random rewards by completing endgame activities such as Chaos and Abyss Dungeons, and Guardian Raids.

In this section, I’m going to talk about Lost Ark Berserker Engravings, which determine the playstyle you wish to adopt for your character and are class-specific abilities and traits. You gain access to this when you reach higher levels. The 2 Class Engravings available to the Berserker are Berserker’s Technique and Mayhem. Let’s first discuss the Berserker’s Technique Class Engraving or playstyle together with the Stats that go with it.

Berserker Berserker’s Technique Playstyle

Berserker’s Technique significantly boosts your crit damage and removes the Exhaustion Debuff once you’ve fully depleted your Fury Meter. As such, you immediately gain Fury energy when attacking enemies. To maximize the crit damage you deal, you’re going to want to aim for Berserker’s Technique Level 3.

Lost Ark Berserker Berserker's Technique Engraving and Playstyle

In terms of this Class Engraving’s Combat Stats, you’ll want to prioritize Specialization followed by Crit when gearing up. This setup not only boosts the amount of Fury energy you gain but also lengthens Burst Mode, allowing you to deal burst damage much longer. Additionally, your crit rate is enhanced to inflict more damage.

Berserker Mayhem Playstyle

Conversely, Mayhem is a riskier but more powerful playstyle. All throughout, your Burst Mode is 100% active, granting increased damage, attack speed, and movement speed while significantly decreasing the damage you receive. However, your max HP will be drastically reduced to 25% of your original HP. Note that you do have the option to return to your Normal State to regain said HP but you won’t be able to capitalize on Mayhem’s perks. While Burst Mode is active, you can activate Dark Rush, which is similar to Bloody Rush.

Lost Ark Berserker Mayhem Engraving and Playstyle

Since you no longer need to gain Fury energy, you can swap Tempest Slash’s Focus Tripod for Quick Prep to be able to use this skill more frequently. Going for Mayhem Level 3 will considerably improve your overall damage.

In terms of Mayhem’s Combat Stats, you should focus on Crit to enhance damage even more and then allocate points into Swiftness. Doing so lowers the cooldown period of your abilities while boosting your attack speed and movement speed, allowing you to dodge more effectively.

Final Tips

As a Lost Ark Berserker, you’ll have a very satisfying experience beating up enemies. In PvP, you continue to thrive because of your ability to inflict heavy-hitting AoE damage but you have to learn to manage your skills’ long cooldown rates and long attack animations. You also can’t move as fast so it’ll be challenging to go up against highly mobile classes but your Super Armors should help you survive.

Lost Ark Berserker in Combat

For Back Attack skills like Final Strike, Whirlwind, Tempest Slash, Hell Blade, Red Dust, and Sword Storm, remember to consistently find the enemy’s weak spots by attacking them from behind to deal maximum damage. Additionally, you can stack crit rate buffs from the Vital Point Hit Tripod when you use Chain Sword and Red Dust in quick succession so make sure to take advantage of this combo.

Lastly, and similar to the Scrapper, pulling enemies together, especially when you get used to low HP if you were to choose the Mayhem Class Engraving, will definitely help weaken or even kill most of them due to your effective and impactful AoE damage.

Stay tuned for more Lost Ark Class Guides and be sure to check out our Lost Ark Wiki or drop by our Twitch Channel if you have questions about the game. What did you think of this Lost Ark Berserker Class Guide? What Advanced Class are you planning to try out first? Let us know in the comments below!

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