Lords of the Fallen – Collector’s Edition content

Lords of the Fallen – Collector’s Edition content

Lords of the Fallen, the upcoming RPG from CI Games/Deck 13 is getting an amazing Collector’s Edition!

Inside the box you will find a copy of the game, a 8″/20cm very detailed polystone bust of Harkyn – the game hero, a cloth map, a hardcover Artbook, the game Official Sountrack and some digital content like the Monk’s Decipher DLC, the Lionheart pack DLC and the Demonic Weapons pack DLC.

Help Harkyn defeat the demonic forces that threaten mankind with this Collector’s Edition, out on 28th Oct (US) / 31st Oct (EU).

LOTF collectors

Harkyn bust


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7 comments on “Lords of the Fallen – Collector’s Edition content”

  1. Avatar WyrmHero says:

    I’ve never bought a boxed collector’s edition. I was thinking about buying the Bloodborne one, but it isn’t very impressive. This one looks really good and fun, but I would only buy a collector’s of a series I’m already a fan of. I really want one of these just to open that big box. The feeling must be priceless.

  2. Avatar Fexelea says:

    Unboxing these things is certainly fun! I have all my loot displayed around my desk, it makes work nicer!

  3. Avatar gruntboy116 says:

    That looks amazing, and expensive.

  4. Avatar ManatuBear says:

    In certain EU sites, its’ priced at 120€ (119,99€).
    I had to move some things around, but i think i might be able to get it. I need that Harkyn bust next to my Faraam Knight on my bedside table! :D
    Lego Batman 3 and GTA5 will have to wait till March/April…

  5. Nimrael81 says:

    Can anyone confirm if the shipping is from EU?

    Obviously, I know it’s a Polish game, but I sort of want to be sure… (I live in Croatia)
    So, within in EU, no customs, everything else, things get complicated (and VAT is added).

    I’ve already pre-ordered on Steam, but the box set looks really good, just want to be sure if it’s shipped within EU.

  6. Avatar ManatuBear says:

    aaaargh… it’s listed in Portugal for 150€!
    Why 30€ more than Germany?
    The CE will have to wait for next year :( , i can’t give up on 2 games because of a bust, as pretty as it is ;(

  7. Avatar WyrmHero says:

    That’s $192.76 wow. It’s way too expensive!

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