“The Longest Five Minutes” Preview: An Amnesiacs’ JRPG Adventure!

“The Longest Five Minutes” Preview: An Amnesiacs’ JRPG Adventure!

Developed by Nippon Ichi Software and Syupro-DX, The Longest Five Minutes is an adventure RPG sporting an adorable chibi pixel-art style with a quirky twist on traditional RPG gameplay.

The game was originally released in Japan last year on July 28, 2016 for the PlayStation Vita, with an official Western release launching sometime in 2018 for the PlayStation Vita, PC and Nintendo Switch.

The Longest Five Minutes, simply unforgettable!

In The Longest Five Minutes, you will delve inside the mind of a hero during his final encounter with an epic and evil Overlord.

As the story unravels, the conversations you have with your party and the Overlord will unlock memories of the hero’s journey. Each memory plays out in classic 8-bit RPG style, and the outcome of those memories affect your party in their final battle.

Genre: Adventure RPG

Developed by: Nippon Ichi Software, Syupro-DX

Published by: NIS America

Release date: TBA 2018

Platforms: Playstation Vita, PC, Nintendo Switch

Website: http://nisamerica.com/games/longest-five-minutes/


  • Play as an amnesiac for a hero!
  • A unique & quirky twist on traditional RPG tropes, complete with RPG tropes!
  • Re-Experience: Grow in power as you recoup your strength by gaining ‘Re-Experience Points’ through flashbacks and thus character levels for you and your party!
  • Memory Album: As you regain lost memories, they’re yours for life (this time at least) and can be revisited time and time again.
  • A Little Break: Relive one of the Hero’s fondest memories, fun times at the amusement park! Gain massive Re-Experience points by playing the various mini-games to your never ending hearts content!
  • Quest: Keep yourself occupied with a plethora of quests to enjoy!

Story & Setting


I’m sure we’ve been through worse!

Our hero faces the origin of all evil, the Overlord himself, but suddenly loses all memories of his adventure.

His finishing moves, the name of his hometown, and even the reason he’s trying to defeat the Overlord in the first place, all gone. Our hero feels as though he’s letting his allies down…

In the midst of battle, his allies’ words and the Overlord’s taunting triggers flashbacks, bringing his memories back piece by piece. Our hero tries to regain his priceless memories before it’s too late, but the Overlord stands before him, his power unyielding!

What can happen in The Longest Five Minutes!?



Gameplay from the Japanese version, “The World’s Longest Five Minutes”

The Longest Five Minutes has an over-world that is reminiscent to the Pokemon games and is complete with accessible buildings as well as lovely townsfolk to interact with.

Battle gameplay employs the traditional use of turn-based RPG but with a twist. During your showdown with the Overlord, flash backs occur right in the middle where you’ll have to play out a ‘memory segment’ and defeat the enemies you encounter inside of it.

Should you triumph in your memory, your Hero will recall certain movesets or special abilities and dish out damage to the Overlord.


Are you sure?

But if you fail to do so, you instead would be receiving damage from the epic and evil Overlord. Each memory segment is a self-contained chapter that jumps anywhere from Lv5, Lv55 to Lv10, etc.

There is also a mini-games section allowing you to escape having to deal with your inevitable fate, where you can accumulate “Re-Experience” points to level up yourself and your party members.

You can watch the overview trailer for The Longest Five Minutes below:

Stay in tune as we’ll keep track of this humorously quirky game.

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