Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time New Images & Details!

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time New Images & Details!

Bandai Namco has revealed a large set of new screenshots and new information on their upcoming Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time  action-RPG.

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time – Launching Next Year!

First are the screenshots from one of the animations within the game, which is handled by Studio Trigger.

Next, we see another round of characters who’ll be making an appearance in Chamber of Time.  Also, Diana will be a playable character in the game.

Here, we’re shown a new dungeon players can expect in the game, called “Forest of Mimosa” with its final boss, the Grand Treant. Dungeons in Chamber of Time  will be littered with loot.

Finally, we have images of character growth. Exp gained from defeating enemies will grant your party with levels, which also nets you “Magic Points”. These points can be used in the “Horoscope System” to strengthen character spells. And the stats page is structured like so:

  • VIT (Vitality) – Increases Physical Strength & Defensive Power
  • STR (Strength) – Increases Attack Power
  • INT (Intelligence) – Increases Attack Power & MP
  • AGI (Agility) – Increases Critical Hits & Critical Evasions
  • LUK (Luck) – Increases Critical Hits, Critical Evasions, & Drop Rate

Little Witch Academia: Chamber of Time  will launch in Japan on November 30th, exclusively for PS4. While the West will receive the game for PS4 and PC in early 2018.

If you haven’t heard, the game will be getting a playable demo this November. You can also check out this previous livestream showcasing gameplay as well as more 1080p screenshots!

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