The Limited “Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy” Is Available Now!

The Limited “Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy” Is Available Now!

Today, publisher Bandai Namco announced that the limited Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy  soundtrack collection is finally available for purchase. A reminder that only 2,000 copies are manufactured, making this a rare collectible item.

Dark Souls Vinyl Trilogy – The Sound of Death

For the first time, the complete soundtrack gathered in a 9-vinyl  collector box. This exclusive numbered collection includes more than 5 hours of sound of the best quality.

Composed by ‘Motoi Sakaraba’ and ‘Yuka Kitamura’, Dark Souls orchestral themes will make you dive into the sinister, dark and dramatic world of the series.

The complete Dark Souls I, Dark Souls II and Dark Souls III original soundtracks, captured in a premium sound, will give the listener a truly immersive experience and remind each Dark Souls fan their intense boss fights and the best (and worst) moments of their deadly journeys. This high quality trilogy box should be treasured and treated like a collector’s piece.

You can check out how the Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy OST collection looks, below:

So far, the Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy soundtrack collection is only available for Europe, the Middle East and Africa regions. It retails for €119.00 and you can make your purchase here.

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17 comments on “The Limited “Dark Souls: The Vinyl Trilogy” Is Available Now!”

  1. lordherpie says:

    Awesome, I ordered me one right away!

  2. Avatar Beatsy_Ray says:

    Wish it was on cd.

  3. Jet1337 says:


  4. lordherpie says:

    a little rant XD:

    Well I ordered it, but haven’t received it yet… I live in the Netherlands and apparently the package was shipped from france. not a problem I would think, but following the track and trace I saw the package safely arrive in a distribution centre in Amsterdam. but then the status of the shipment changed to "undeliverable, because address information is incomplete".
    weird, cuz I had to supply it all to Namco to be able to order the product. but… I am a patient person and decided to contact the courier and supply them with the correct info.
    I got the reply in French (which I cannot read or speak, so had to google translate XD) and it said they couldn’t help me because the package wasn’t in france anymore. they did not supply me with a phonenumber from an office in the Netherlands (which they don’t have I think, because I couldn’t find it after 30 minutes of googling). I found out (also by googling) that DPD (another courier service) is a daughter-firm of the French shipper (La Poste), and decided to call them, hoping they would be able to help. They were helpful but couldn’t find my package, also the shipment number was unknown to them. But one final check using my name the customer service employee was surprised to find my package! yay!
    I supplied the correct information and they would send it to me right away.
    a couple days passed without the track and trace updating information, until this morning it stated (again… in French…) that the package is undeliverable and is being send back to the shipper… wtf….

    I called DPD again, and he told me he was surprised that the package was on its way back to france, but he couldn’t do anything about it since it was already on its way back to france…. /cry. only thing I could do according to that guy wa contact the sender (Namco Bandai shop) to ask for a new one…. I hope they are customer friendly enough to send me a new one without to much trouble.

  5. Achtpuntzes says:

    @ lordherpie:

    hey, klote voor je!
    tja, die dingen gebeuren wel eens. ik ben zelf platenverzamelaar en ik heb dit soort gezeik ook wel eens. ik hoop voor je dat t nog allemaal goed komt. :)

    zelf pas ik, ik heb 2 cd’s van de dark souls serie (zaten bij limited edition) en heb ze beide welgeteld 1 keer gedraaid. dus dan koop ik voor dat geld liever iets dat ik wel vaak ga draaien.

  6. Avatar Grehym_Blak says:

    No clue what any of that means, but it’s the most interesting/fun post i’ve read on the threads in awhile. FML FROM! Give us something to talk about

  7. lordherpie says:

    such a pretty language, isn’t it?

    and BonnieRaitt lolwut?! XD

  8. Avatar TSMP says:

    That’s interesting. I wonder if this will lead to more fan music being made?

  9. Achtpuntzes says:

    the guy is from the Nederlands so i talked dutch to him

  10. lordherpie says:

    Namco Bandai responded that they will re-send as soon as possible :)
    Here is to hoping that the courier services will perform better this time :D

  11. lordherpie says:


    no news yet, no email or confirmation otherwise that they are resending it… back to customer support I guess…

  12. Achtpuntzes says:


    it’s been a while and there were only 2000 copies. good chance they sold your copy they got returned to another guy and stock is empty. i would concentrate now on getting your money back.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I hope you are wrong XD I want the box.
    The web-shop doesn’t show it as being sold out either, so hopefully it can still be fixed.
    But we’ll see, I will be persistent and keep annoying them for the actual goods to be delivered.

  14. lordherpie says:

    looks like its gonna arrive, got a reply from Namco Bandai about computer error while reshipping… they were checking status and resending, getting the Dark Souls trilogy on vinyl is just as worthy an achievement as finishing an actual Dark souls game XD

  15. lordherpie says:

    Yay! it arrived today :D

  16. Anonymous says:

    Hello fellas it’s "0448" copy here and I have a little disappointment for the first vinyl of ds3 records: the sound out like dirty tracks, I will put a video soon on yt,,, no problem whit the other ones… anyone?

  17. Achtpuntzes says:

    is this exactly the same as on the audio cd’s u got with the special editions?

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