Limited Bloodborne ‘Hunter’ Figma Figurine, Only For Pre-order Up To Next Month!

Limited Bloodborne ‘Hunter’ Figma Figurine, Only For Pre-order Up To Next Month!

Originally announced earlier this year, a Bloodborne  ‘Hunter’ Figma figurine is now available for pre-order. Bloodborne is a PlayStation 4 JRPG exclusive by FromSoftware, creators of the Dark Souls  series.

Bloodborne Figma – Limited To Pre-orders!

This pre-order item was recently announced on the games official Twitter account. It depicts a fully posable Male ‘Hunter’ character from Bloodborne complete with the Hunter Blunderbuss and a fully extendable Saw Cleaver.

Pre-orders are now live and will close on 17th October 2017, after which they’ll be gone for good. There’s a standard version and an Exclusive edition. Do take note that the only difference is that the ‘Exclusive’ editions comes with an extra ‘Messengers figurine’.

You can place an order directly from GOOD SMILE, or through the Play-Asia links, below for your desired edition:

The figure is set to release at the end of May 2018 (after manufacturing completes) and delivery can be as little as £8.99 / $12.99.

You can check out how the Bloodborne Hunter figurine and Messengers figurine looks, right below:

Now, for the uninitiated, Figma is a series of action figures modeled after various characters from video games, movies, anime, TV shows and more. The basic goal is to make incredibly detailed figurines that can also be articulated in as many ways as possible. Where applicable, the figures will also come with a slew of accessories and replacement parts.

The way Figma figures work is that the company will announce a new and upcoming model, let pre-orders go live, close said pre-orders, manufacture enough units to cover the pre-orders, then call it a day. The figures, as a result, are pre-order only and thus, limited edition.

Over the years, Figma has created renditions of fan-favourite characters including Solid Snake from Metal Gear Solid and Pyramid Head from Silent Hill. Add to that the ‘limited’ nature of the figures and you have yourselves a bonafide collector’s item.

Also, did you know that the 2017 Tokyo Game Show is happening? You can keep up with the event at TGS 2017!

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