Legrand Legacy Release Date & New Trailer!

Legrand Legacy Release Date & New Trailer!

Recently announced by developer SEMISOFT, the JRPG inspired Legrand Legacy  is set to release on January 24th, 2018 for PC via Steam.

Legrand Legacy – Coming Next Year!

Legrand Legacy  is described as “A love letter to all time favorite JRPGs with a fresh take on the classic turn-based combat.”  With the plot revolving around Finn, the game’s main protagonist, who embarks on a journey to save his daughter. Setting off a chain of events that’ll lead to fulfilling an aged-long prophecy.

The game is set in the land of Legrand, right in the midst of conflicts between the Kingdoms Altea and Fandor. It’ll see players explore settlements, dungeons littered with danger and prizes and interact with interesting characters among others. Legrand Legacy  features a rich story that’ll immerse players, its own take on the classic turn-based combat and mini-games.

Legrand Legacy  will launch for PC via Steam on January 24th, 2018.  And with plans to port versions for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch systems.

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