Ledo’s Truck – Soul Level 120 Strength Build

Ledo’s Truck – Soul Level 120 Strength Build

Use the biggest weapon in Dark Souls 3 – Ledo’s Great Hammer which packs a mighty punch, “Ledo’s Truck” build is a tank build that hits like a truck but still allows you to move around like a ninja giving you the best of both worlds. In this guide I will explain the benefits of using such a build and how to do it.

Ledo’s Truck – SL120 Strength Build

Let’s start with the stats you’ll need in order to use this build. Below you’ll find the outlined stats:

  • Build Level: 120
  • Build Focus: anything that gets crushed
  • Build Main Stat: STRENGTH
  • STATS:
    • VIGOR=41(+5)
    • ENDURANCE=35(+5)
    • VITALITY=30(+5)
    • STRENGTH=60
    • FAITH=9
    • LUCK=11

If you’d prefer, you can bring strength to 66 and lower the vigor or vitality accordingly.

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Build Equipment

The main weapon used for this Strength Build is the glorious hairy hammer of Ledo, it’s sooo big that you cannot even see half the screen when it’s equipped. This mammoth weighs a ton requiring 60 strength just to be able wield it with one hand but be warned it eats up your stamina in no time. But why use it if has these disadvantages? The benefits outweigh the negatives as not many players use this build and its hit like a goddamn truck!

The main idea to keep in mind is the reach, the proximity of the reach is far greater one-handed than it is two-handed. The two-handed moveset is deceptively short, much shorter than it’s comparative the Ultra Greatswords. The R2 (charged attack) on the other hand has a long windup, but has some great reach and has the ability to be redirected.

Weapon Art is a weapon buff that make the weapon hit even harder, but quite frankly in my opinion it barely makes a difference. It’s more important characteristic is the coating can be used on ANY charged attack as a fragmentation bomb, which has the same reach as an AoE explosion. This means it pays to take a risk to land those long, charged R2s as they hard to punish. Note that the weapon art moveset has less hyperarmor than a normal R1 (regular attack) but this balances with the amount of insane reach it has, and a long lingering hitbox allowing catching opponents trying to roll through more effectively.

One attribute that sets it apart is it’s OP blocking ability, at 85% physical on 50% stability it lets you block almost anything just as if you had a medium shield at hand, allowing you to get up close and personal pressuring your opponents. So what does mean? You don’t need another main hand weapon.

Off-Hand Weapons

Let’s talk about off-hand weapons, there are two and I will go into detail about their uses:

  • Heavy Caestus/Caesti – As these are classics I won’t go into much detail describing what can be done with them. I mostly use them for running attacks since they cover ground much father than other weapons in the build. They also offer perseverance which is more suited to those who like button mashing. I personally use perseverance as a primer for reverse back step into running attacks to surprise my opponents or to be able to tank through a hit to back stab for example. Of course, it is also useful for parry or to threaten parry (which is probably more important as it actually impacts your opponent’s behavior…or it should, if not just parry).
  • Heavy Dagger – Yes you read that correctly! If the devs allow you such a weapon then we might as well take full advantage of it. This what makes you swift like a ninja with just a measly 9 points of dexterity making it a vital weapon to have in this build. It is used in the off-hand because it can block and therefore allow to buffer sprint/instantly trigger running attacks and even one-handing Ledo’s Hammer. It can also L2-hit rather speedily with surprisingly lingering hitboxes for people who try to back stab you, or to throw their timing off, by forcing them to panic roll letting you can catch them with the Ledo’s R1. Of course it can also be used two-handed to counter cancerous playstyles that are sadly becoming more common place such as monomanic spell spammers, lightning arrow campers, homing soul mass killers the list goes on.


Armor is really down to preference for this build, Hyper Armor is very high on Great Hammers so you can get away with faily low poise while still winning trades without getting interrupted. However, I chose to go past 32 poise (which is the known breaking point to poise through a two-handed R1 on an Ultra Greatsword) just so I know I can safely sit in the middle of the ring without having to run if I don’t want to.


My suggestion for rings are these classic melee rings:

  • Havel+3 Ring
  • Cloranthy+3 Ring
  • Favor+3 Ring
  • Prinsoner’s Chain Ring

If you would like some information about this type of build and some gameplay check out this video:

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