Leaked Screenshots & More on New IP: “BioMutant”! Ahead of Gamescom 2017!

Leaked Screenshots & More on New IP: “BioMutant”! Ahead of Gamescom 2017!

Austrian publisher THQ Nordic revealed back in July that two new games would be announced at Gamescom 2017, one being a new IP.

Thanks to an Amazon listing, details and screenshots have been leaked on said new IP, which is titled: BioMutant, read on for more details.

THQ Nordic’s New IP: BioMutant coming to PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Although the new listing doesn’t reveal a whole lot, it does reveal some information about the title (which has now been seemingly confirmed), as well as provide a first-look batch of screenshots.

The following description and features list for BioMutant is provided via the Amazon listing:

BIOMUTANT is a post-apocalyptic open-world ARPG that delivers real-time melee, shooter and mutant ability action. Replayability by varied and deep character progression, exploration of three systematically generated worlds, an underworld and a small solar system, by foot, mech, air-balloon, jetski and UFO.

BioMutant also features a fully customizable (MMO style) character and mutation system, bionics and creative item crafting, plus an interactive narrative featuring a contextual storyteller where the players creates their own story of survival in a vibrant colorful world.

Game Features:

  • Real-Time combat: Mix, Melee, Guns and Abilites
  • Hugely Customizeable Character: Bionics offer Powerful Prosthetics, while Mutations offer Physical Changes as well as Powers
  • Automation sidekick: Customizable Living Robotic Toys
  • Pilotable Vehicles: Customizable Mech, Jetski & UFO
  • Creative crafting system: Open Creation of Weapons & Gear

A launch date is included in the listing and states the game will ship on December 31st 2018, but be wary as this is likely a placeholder date.

According to the aforementioned leaked yesterday, BioMutant is in development for the PS4 (the game version from the Amazon listing), Xbox One, and PC. Expect an official announcement and details sometime later this week during Gamescom 2017.

Below, you can check out the leaked screenshots showing off the game’s protagonist, environments, enemies, and more:

You can keep up with all things and news from Gamescom 2017 here!


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7 comments on “Leaked Screenshots & More on New IP: “BioMutant”! Ahead of Gamescom 2017!”

  1. Avatar qeter says:

    guts got turned into a raccoon.

  2. Avatar EldritchImagination says:


    Shifu, and apparently, the game will have a focus on kung fu like martial arts.

  3. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    The guy in the trailer reminded me of the little master guy from Kung Fu Panda.

  4. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Okay, the more I look at this, the more awesome it gets. This is practically my furry dream. A cute yet badass morphing mutant furry, post-Apocalypse future, action-RPG. I WANT THIS NOW!

    Apparently, they’ll be showing more at Gamescom.

  5. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    turns out there’s a trailer

    [BBvideo 550,450]https://youtu.be/73vSguCeJl0[/BBvideo]

  6. Avatar EldritchImagination says:

    Color me interested. Furries, Action-RPG, Guns. A match made in heaven for me. Plus THQ is one of my favorite devs/publishers.

    Amazingly, I was designing a game a lot like this (as in thinking and writing down ideas). Kind of similar premise, and some similar mechanics, even a similar name (I was calling it Biolight on account of the mutants being bioluminescent with light based powers). Actually having a game I was imagining is quite literally a dream come true.

    Even more so since this reminds me of Daxter from Jak & Daxter

  7. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    Hm, looks like it will be ether forgettable, or a nice change of pace from the usual RPGs. Hears hoping for the later.

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