Lead Producer of Dragon Age 4 Leaves Bioware

Lead Producer of Dragon Age 4 Leaves Bioware

Lead Producer of upcoming Dragon Age game, Fernando Melo has announced his departure from Bioware.

Lead Producer of Dragon Age 4 Leaves Bioware

The Lead Producer of upcoming Bioware title Dragon Age 4, has announced he has left the developer after 12 years. In a tweet on his Twitter, he shared the announcement along with his parting email. He explains in the email he has “been wanting to take some time to disconnect and figure out what Iā€™d like to focus on as a next chapter”. He also shares the reason for leaving at this point, explaining it was the “least disruptive timing”.

He also shares in his email the next instalment of Dragon Age (code name Morrison) is “well underway to becoming the definitive Dragon Age experience.” He expresses that the project has been left in capable hands, with a team with “some of the best devs in the world”.

Under his 12 years at Bioware, Melo produced Dragon Age: Origins and Dragon Age 2, then went on to become the director of online development. This lead him to work on the online side of Mass Effect: Andromeda and finally he made lead producer for DA4.

You can check out the posts from Melo below:

This is the second lead producer to depart from Bioware, with Ben Irving who was lead producer for Anthem leaving earlier this year.

Dragon Age 4 which has not received its official title yet, was announced last year at the The Game Awards 2018. A teaser trailer was shown confirming the title was in the works. So far no release window has been announced for the game.

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2 comments on “Lead Producer of Dragon Age 4 Leaves Bioware”

  1. Avatar Fallenangel700 says:

    I’ve had a sinking feeling regarding Bioware and DI4. This doesn’t really help that. I am looking forward to DI4 but I’m rather worried about it.

  2. ckmishn says:

    So he joined Bioware the same year they made the deal with the devil? I wonder if it was before or after October 11, 2007 when the buyout from EA was announced. As much as most companies would be better off without someone who played so prominent a role in games like Dragon Age 2 and, especially, Mass Effect: Andromeda, the odds are at this point anybody who takes his place is going to be worse.

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