Lawbreakers: Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Lawbreakers: Trophy Guide & Roadmap

Boss Key Productions’ Lawbreakers is fast paced first person shooter was released on August 8, 2017. This game has five different game modes and eight maps for players. In this Lawbreakers trophy guide you will find all 45 of the trophies, their descriptions, and a tip to help you achieve them all.

  • Time to Platinum: 40+ hours
  • Platinum Difficulty: 8/10 (play the different classes and winning nets you most trophies)
  • Playthroughs required: N/A
  • Missable Trophies: None

Lawbreaker’s Trophy Guide & Roadmap


  • Occupy
  • Uplink
  • Blitzball
  • Turf War
  • Overcharge


  • Trench
  • Grandview
  • Mammoth
  • Reactor
  • Station
  • Vertigo
  • Redfalls
  • Promenade
Earn every trophy. Nice!

The last trophy to appear once you have obtained all other trophies.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-mvpMost Valuable Player
Earn MVP in any game mode in Quick Match.

Earn the most points in a quick match. Playing the objective to maximize points obtain.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-zero_g_murdererZero-G Murderer
Get 25 kills while you are in zero-g in Quick Match.

There is an area that has a planet-like object that makes the area zero-g. Get 25 kills around there.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-breakingthecurveBreaking the Curve
Earn a grade of S+ in a match in Quick Match.

Play the objective,get the most kills, and have a long match to obtain the S+ grade.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-eyesclosedEyes Closed
Earn a rear view kill by using blindfire to kill an enemy in Quick Match.

Hold up on the d-pad to blindfire; use this to kill an enemy.

Travel 2,500m while blindfiring in Quick Match.

Hold up on the d-pad while you travel 2,500 meters.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-kickin'itKickin’ It
Earn a kill using kick in Quick Match.

Weaken an enemy with your guns and finish them with a kick.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-jumpballJump Ball
Recover the Blitzball after an enemy ball carrier has been killed in Quick Match.

Simply pick up the blitzball after the enemy who is carrying it was killed.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-myturfMy Turf
Win a Turf War match in Quick Match.

Win enough areas to obtain points. Win enough points and you’ll win the game.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-turfwarshutoutTurf War Shutout
Capture all the zones in a single round of Turf War in Quick Match.

Capture all 3 areas in 1 round of Turf War.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-gimmethatGimmie That
Kill the enemy battery carrier in Overcharge in Quick Match.

Kill the enemy who has possession of the battery to get this trophy.

Capture and place the battery in your base 25 times in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-uplinkstartedUplink Started
Place the uplink in your base during an Uplink match in Quick Match.

Find the uplink device and bring it back to your team’s base.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-uplinkcompleteUplink Complete
Win an Uplink match in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-occupied_territoryOccupied Territory
Defend a zone 25 times during Occupy in Quick Match.


Get 25 kills while defending your team’s zone in Occupy in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-killingfrenzyKilling Frenzy
Earn a double kill with the Assassin’s Frenzy spin attack in Quick Match.

Use the Assassin’s ability, Frenzy, to kill 2 people; try this during Occupy games.

Earn a grapple kill by attaching to an enemy using the Arc Blades’ grapple in Quick Match.

Use this ability when your enemy is low on health.

Silence 25 enemies with an Electromag Charge in Quick Match.

Use the Enforcer’s ability (Electromag Charge) to obtain this trophy.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-timekillerTime Killer
Get 25 kills while using the Enforcer’s Distortion Field in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-fallenangelFallen Angel
Earn a double kill with Vanguard’s Starfall ability in Quick Match.
Get 25 kills with the Hydra in Quick Match.

Use the Vanguard’s primary gun and get 25 kills.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-goneberserkGone Berserk
Earn a double kill with Titan’s Berserk ability in Quick Match.


Get 25 kills with the Hammerhead in Quick Match.

Use the Titan’s primary gun and get 25 kills.

Get 25 kills while using the Battle Medic’s Hoverpack in Quick Match.

Use l2 to hover and get 25 kills.

Heal allies for 1,250 HP using the Support Drones in Quick Match.

Use the Battle Medic heal ability to heal allies 1,250 HP.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-moveasideMove Aside
Knock back an enemy using Juggernaut’s Charge and Impale in Quick Match.

Use Juggernault’s abilities Charge and impale on an enemy.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-tanksalotTanks Alot
Absorb 300 damage with the Holo-Deflector 25 times in Quick Match.

Use the Juggernaut ability Holo-Deflector to absorb 300 damage.

Earn a warp combo kill by shooting an enemy after using the Warp ability in Quick Match.

Use the Gunslinger’s warp ability and finish an enemy.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-omegaweaponOmega Weapon
Get 25 kills using Gunslinger’s full-charge Omega shot in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-hackingtimeHacking Time
Slow 2 enemies with a single use of Wraith’s Chrono Switch ability in Quick Match.

Self-explanatory. Use this on a turf match if you have trouble proc-ing this trophy

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-killerinstinctKiller Instinct
Get 25 kills with the Wasp in Quick Match.

Use the Wraith and get 25 kills using the Wasp ability.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-frickin'laserbeamsFrickin’ Laser Beams
Earn a double kill with the Harrier’s Convergence ability in Quick Match.

Kill 2 enemies with the Harrier class’s convergence ability.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-strategicplacementStrategic Placement
Heal 25 allies with Supercharger in Quick Match.

Use the Harrier class’s Supercharge ability to heal 25 teammates.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-masterthiefMaster Thief
Steal the battery from the enemy base while it’s charged to 100% in Overcharge in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-overchargeproOvercharge Pro
Win 25 Overcharge matches in Quick Match.


Score the ball 25 times in Blitzball in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-blitzballproBlitzball Pro
Win 25 Blitzball matches in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-turfwarproTurf Pro
Win 25 Turf War matches in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-uplinkinterruptedUplink Interrupted
Take the uplink from the enemy base 25 times in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-uplinkproUplink Pro
Win 25 Uplink matches in Quick Match.


Earn a double kill while in an Occupy zone in Quick Match.


lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-occupyproOccupy Pro
Win 25 Occupy matches in Quick Match.
lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-150proof150 Proof
Win 150 matches in any game mode in Quick Match.

Win 150 matches overall.

lawbreakers-trophy-guide-roadmap-getonmylevelGet on My Level
Earn your first prestige rank at account level 50.

Play until your account reaches level 50.

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