The Last of Us Part 2 Progress & Darker Tone!

The Last of Us Part 2 Progress & Darker Tone!

Naughty Dog’s panel at PSX 2017 on the highly-anticipated The Last of Us Part 2  sequel, has shed light on a number of details on the upcoming game.

The Last of Us 2PSX 2017

The studio’s Game Director Neil Druckmann, answered some burning questions and confirmed some long held suspicions since the title’s latest trailer was shown at PGW 2017.


One of these suspicions is Part 2‘s  setting being in Seattle, with Druckmann confirming that “A large part of the game takes place in Seattle, which Reddit detectives have already figured out”.  And an aspect of the game fans have noticed is the even darker tone over its predecessor with the director stating that “no on is safe”,  which includes Ellie and Joel and that “everybody dies at some point”.

Also, the voices behind Joel and Ellie Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson were present as well and the two performed a duet on the song “Wayfaring Stranger” prior to the panel’s discussion. You can check that out below.

Furthermore, Druckmann provided an estimation on The Last of Us Part 2‘s  development progress being 50-60% complete. And when asked about showcasing the game in action, he confirmed that that’ll make an appearance in E3 2018.

The Last of Us Part 2  is currently under development and will launch exclusively for PS4.

Also, an official The Last of Us Part 2  dynamic theme for the PS4 is available for download.

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