Kojima Wanted Mads not Keanu for Death Stranding

Kojima Wanted Mads not Keanu for Death Stranding

According to a Master Storyteller panel at San Diego Comic-Con 2019, director Hideo Kojima reveals that Keanu Reeves was first suggested to him for Death Stranding.

Kojima Wanted Mads not Keanu for Death Stranding

However, Kojima was set on having Mads Mikkelsen as Cliff for upcoming Death Stranding, according to Kakai Chik via wccftech, passing on Reeves. But it hasn’t worked out badly for Reeves, as we know he has a role in the sci-fi action-RPG Cyberpunk 2077 as Johnny Silverhand, which received a lot of attention when the news was unveiled at E3 this year.

Mads Mikkelsen was chosen for a role in Death Stranding for the role of Cliff

I originally was recommended Keanu Reeves but I wanted Mads.

Kojima was also with film director Nicolas Winding Refn who plays Heartman, they shared their approaches to narratives at the panel. Kojima expressed how he preferred to work on games rather than films, explaining that whether the project receives praise or critique, “you think about it ten years later”.

Death Stranding sets out to be a very different game to those currently out there, already described as a “genre-defying experience“. Kojima has stated that he wanted to create something that will have a long lasting effect:

There’s no reason to create something that’s already there. I want to create something that gives more inspiration to the world. Like Hollywood movies where some don’t live with you, people just digest and consume. What I do is make something that’s difficult to chow down when you digest my work.

While Kojima chose Mads, it is a wonder how differently the game would have turned out if Reeves was chosen for the role. Either way it looks like Death Stranding is going to be one with some difficult scenes to stomach, with lasting impressions.

Death Stranding is out on November 8th, exclusively for PlayStation 4.

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