Knights of Light Pre-Alpha Preview – A Middle East Medieval RPG

Knights of Light Pre-Alpha Preview – A Middle East Medieval RPG

Last updated on September 10th, 2018

Rumbling Games Studios sets to bring an action-RPG set in the Middle East to completion through their Kickstarter campaign. Focusing on a more historically accurate game which brings real historical figures as bosses you’ll face. Using stunning visuals developed with Unreal engine, this Egyptian studio takes on the challenge of developing a 400 square kilometre open world based on real life landmarks. Drawing inspiration from developers such as CD Projekt Red and Ninja Theory, Rumbling Games sets to deliver this project by 2020.

Knights of Light Pre-Alpha Preview

Genre:  action RPG, survival
Developed by: Rumbling Games Studios
Published by:  Rumbling Games Studios
Release date:  2020
Platforms:  PC / PlayStation / Xbox

Knights of Light Features

  • Estimated 60 hours of playing time (main and side quests)
  • A game built using Unreal engine providing performance and quality
  • Single-player game
  • Dubbed in Arabic but will translated into several languages initially English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, German and Russian
  • Plans for 2 DLCs after launch of main game (additional content but not requisite in order to play) promising no lootboxes or microtransactions
  • An action-RPG open-world set in the medieval Middle East providing exploration and discovery in 400 square kilometres
  • Areas will be split in terms of expansions, some areas will have survival elements in the deserts and mountain regions (stretch goal)
  • Rich lore based on the history of the middle east, focusing on early medieval to late medieval ages never featured by other games before
  • Optional middle eastern fantasy & cultural storyline
  • Gear and armor crafting systems (stretch goal)

Story & Setting

The game focuses on the battle of “Al Qadissiyah”, a conflict between Sassanian empire and the Islamic Caliphate at 636 AD. The battle holds a significant moment in history that occurs in the land of Iraq. The Persian empire in this time frame was called the Sassanian empire, commencing in a period of feuds and internal struggle. At this time, the land of Iraq was ruled but disputed by the Arab tribes.

The game’s story sets to feature both sides of the amounting conflict, showing different perspectives allowing the player to learn of the morals and problems faced. The developer’s aim is to not create a good versus evil story but a more realistic and balanced approach to story telling. Through character development, both through allies and enemies can an enriched narrative be discovered. You will even face bosses who are historical figures giving full immersion to this time and era. Players will play a role based on an unnamed historical figure which has yet to be revealed.

However, the lore of this game is not completely tied to historical moments, the story will introduce some elements of fantasy. This part will be branched as an optional story in order to distinguish it’s purpose from the main story. Rumbling Games Studios allows players to choose whether they wish to take part in this narrative or stick to main quest-lines to preserve a more historical authenticity.



Although still in the rough stages of pre-alpha, gameplay focuses on close-quarter combat. Pick up your shield and sword to attack or even use a “this is Sparta!” kick to satisfyingly take down your enemies. Use your shield in defence or even as a weapon to issue a devastating blow. While some moves are purely for aesthetically pleasing visuals (the spin before a beheading comes to mind) combat looks brutal while doing so. Four basic moves will be available in the form of attack, counter, block and dodge but their availability will depend on character level as well as enemy unit type.

There are ranged weapons for those most attuned to distance combat, using a bow with lit arrows to shoot foes from afar or even daggers if so favoured.

If you’re a fan of gore Knights of Light has you covered as beheading and dismembering are very much a part of the game. Engaging a special “rage mode” will have the added benefit of an induced state where the character becomes semi-invincible and can destroy multiple enemies simultaneously.

Rage Mode engaged – Pre-alpha

Game Mechanics

The developers focus on a simple yet diverse combat system, giving players four weapon slots in their inventory. Each weapons has it’s advantages and disadvantages leaving it up to player to decide which they prefer in different circumstances. Weapons have a skill tree which players must unlock, skills will provide new finishing combinations and enemy take-downs.

Certain regions in Knight of Light will have survival mechanics similar to that of Conan Exiles, where deserts and mountains will be free for exploration but with the added challenge. This feature will depend on funding of the Kickstarter campaign.

Unforgiving terrain including sweltering deserts

Choices will matter even through side-quests as they will have an impact on the main events and their circumstances. It’s up to the player to weigh up the decisions which will ultimately effect the relationship between tribes and factions.

Audio & Visuals

The maps stems to the size of 400 square kilometers, providing a mix of different terrain. From snowy mountains to scalding deserts, Rumbling ambitiously takes on the task of bringing these breathtaking areas to life. Using Unreal Engine signifies the serious steps that the developer is taking in order to bring visually stunning scenes to this indie AAA visioned game with already having spent two years creating the area. Not only adding historical elements through story-line and characters but even landmarks.

Characters are warriors in remarkable detail, as the developer focuses on the realism of the visuals. While sound effects have been added to pre-alpha gameplay, no story or voice lines have been shared as of yet. Having a look at the characters up close in their visual video, the textures and realism is painstaking.

Character Detail

Warrior Model

Final Thoughts

Knights of Light takes a refreshingly new angle when it comes to action-RPGs, focusing on historical moments in Middle Eastern history with giving the player the option to decide whether they wish to stick to historical authenticity or delve into the fantasy side of Middle-Eastern culture which has not been done before in this setting. While combat focuses on more of the fantasy aspects of induced rage which sounds like a lot of fun for taking on the enemy. The story will focus on human nature which holds heavy consequences on plot and circumstance.

The studio sets to listen to community feedback when it comes to the development of the game which is a smart move in this day and age, where it’s the player’s voice that is significant when comes to shaping a game. Assuring that the main game will have a complete main story, with additional optional DLCs for those who wish for more content and no lootboxes or microtransactions in sight which has given other games in the past a lot of flak. Holding a strong vision for their historical based story-line and aim to make an action combat game fun to play for all.

But it won’t be an easy ride as there will be a lot of challenges ahead for the studio on limited budget, they must be able to give players a satisfying experience when it comes to combat as well as a captivating story-line not to mention a balanced skill-tree system which we have yet to see. If you’re someone who’s interested in historical authenticity matched with fun gameplay as well as an added survival challenge this could be the game for you.

Knights of Light sets to release on in 2020 for platforms PC, Playstation 4 and Xbox One providing they reach their Kickstarter goal of $115,635 USD. They currently have 354 backers at the time this article was written.

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