Kingdoms Of Amalur Stream

Kingdoms Of Amalur Stream

Last updated on August 8th, 2015

When I first heard about this game, my initial reaction was of sheer awe and anticipation at the prospect of a game made By Ken Rolston R.A. Salvatore And Todd Mcfarlane. So why then did it take me damn near over a year to get it? Such is the busy life of a gamer, I had been hooked onto Dark Souls and not many things could break my addiction to the game, and there didn’t seem to be a pressure to let it go. But alas in the New Year of 2014 I saw Amalur on the PSN Store and I threw caution to wind and downloaded it.

Kingdoms of Amalur StreamMy, was I in for a visual treat! The game is picturesque in its design, and although “cartoonish” in its Style, a Beauty to behold. The game is graphically beautiful and McFarlane really did the hype justice and delivered a wondrous environment for our adventures.

The gameplay I have found to be rather rewarding. You have a Primary and Secondary Weapon which Can be Any combination of any and all weapons found within the game: You can mix a Greatsword with Daggers or a longbow with FaeBlades. There is no Heavy/Light Weapon setup restricting your style or gimping your character due to your choices. This leads to combat that flows rather well without being simplistic: you must get used to either dodging or blocking because any one hit will stagger you and ruin your combo. The stagger mechanic can be argued to be not optimal, I would say it’s neither here nor there.

The game isn’t all about weapons or melee combat, as there is a wide variety of magic attacks which aren’t limited to just sorcery. Amalur offers 3 distinct group of spells: Elemental Fury that comes with Sorcery,  Shadow Magic that derives from Finesse, and raw brute Power from Might. Furthering the ideals of player choice, you can develop your hero along any of these paths and intertwine them at will, mixing Might with Sorcery for a hard-hitting tank who can rain down death from a Meteor Barrage. The choices for specialization or split specialization are accessible and give depth to your character’s choices. It is of note the game also allows you to re-spec at will at the cost of some coin, which ensures you can experiment with your builds without fear of ruined stats.

Now as for storyline, I have done little of the main quest, since the world is so expansive and the sidequest, tasks and faction lines offer plenty of distraction. I plan to tackle the main storyline soon, and I invite you to join me on my journey through Amalur to brave it’s perils and plunder it’s many treasures.

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6 comments on “Kingdoms Of Amalur Stream”

  1. Ahhotep1 says:

    All Aboard!!! Billy’s Amalur Reckoning Quest will be underway. Prepare to vicariously plunder! 😀

    Odd…those capital letters here and there but nice start. Looking forward to the journey and article/vid expansion. 😉

  2. Emergence says:

    I continue to give this game chances based on recommendations from people with good taste but I can’t seem to see what the allure is here. I plan on watching this stream because perhaps I need to see it unfold through someone else’s experience to better understand it.

  3. Juutas says:

    Game was pretty big with solid combat system, but visual style is very unappealing to me and there is too little to find in the huge world.
    Difficulty-wise the game is waaaay too easy even with the hardest difficulty.
    You can have the coolest mustache on your character in this game though and that is the coolest thing in the game, haha!

    1. Castielle says:

      The RPGs elements appealed to me, but I’m with you. The art style just killed it for me. Maybe we’ve just been spoiled with the realism of other modern games?

  4. twiggy1807 says:

    I, for one, enjoyed the game. However I did get a little frustrated with some of the more “fetch” style quests. I had beaten the game once, traded it in, and have re-downloaded it from PSN. For those wondering about it, I say give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

  5. the_feist says:

    I can’t get into this game. I don’t know what it is but I hated it :[

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