Kingdome Come Deliverance Beginner Guide

Kingdom Come Deliverance can be an extremely challenging game due to the realistic nature of the setting, time period and gameplay. Early on players can be overwhelmed easily by all the tutorial messages thrown their way, not to mention the amount of reading each entails, and so they may get frustrated or give up. In this article I want to highlight some things that might make your playthrough a bit better and easier. If you’re a new player, a beginner or you’re just getting started, this guide is for you.

Kingdome Come Deliverance Beginner Guide

1. How to Save and It’s Limitations

The first thing you need to learn about Kingdom Come Deliverance is how to save the game. This might seem obvious, but it’s handled differently in KCD than in other games. First the game will save automatically when you pick up a new quest or when you sleep in your own bed, bath house or at an Inn. It will also save during longer quests after completing certain objectives. You want to keep an eye out for this because it’s easy to miss the text indicating the game has saved.

Secondly you can manually save if you have the Food Item: Saviour Schnapps. You will be given a couple by Bianca near the start of the game, but you can purchase more from Innkeepers and some traders, or you can craft them. In order to craft them you need 1x Nettle, 2x Belladonna and 1x Wine. The instructions are as follows:

  1. Prepare wine.
  2. Place one handful of nettles into wine.
  3. Boil for two turns.
  4. Grind two handfuls of belladonna.
  5. Place ground belladonna into cauldron.
  6. Boil for one turn.
  7. Take phial and collect the schnapps!

Always keep an eye open for Nettles or Belladonna for this reason so that you can always have some on hand.


Nettle an Belladonna. Be on the look out for these!

2. Keeping Your Clothes Clean

Keeping your armour and clothing in fine order helps to keep your Charisma stat up and helps with persuasion when trying to convince people. If you see the mud icon on a few or more of your clothes look for a wash trough to clean up to improve this stat. They are all over the place, or you can find a bath house and spend some coin to get an added bonus.


When you see the dirty icon next to gear it means you need to bath. You can do that in a wash trough (shown here) or any bath house.

3. Eat From Pots When You Can

After you’ve played the game a bit you’ll start seeing these pots all over the place and you can eat from them for no cost. The game has them strategically placed just for you, so keep an eye out for them and use them when you can, even if you overeat a little so you don’t get hungry mid some long quest. Keep in mind you can only use them once before they have some sort of cooldown, so be sure to use them only if you need them.

You can eat from any pots that look like this for free and there are many scattered about the game. Keep an eye out for them and use them if you need them.

4. The Game Picks Up After the Prologue

Without spoiling too much, the first few hours of the game are extremely linear and you are meant to be an ineffective peasant who doesn’t know his arse from his elbow. You can’t fight well, Craft well, Pickpocket, Lockpick, use a Bow or equip your Horse with gear until later on in the game. Stop wondering how you do these things, and just get through the Prologue and you will learn how to do these things in due time. You’ll know when you’re finished because a cinematic will play and it will introduce the major players from War Horse who worked on the game.


You’ll know the Prologue is over when you see a cinematic with names like this. Also, Adam is a super nice guy, I’ve hung out with him a few time 😀

5. Lockpicking is Hard Intentionally

The game will give you an extremely brief tutorial on Lockpicking and Pickpocketing not long after completing the Prologue, and both are challenging, but Lockpicking is extremely difficult. “Easy” locks are not easy at all, and I strongly recommend that you skip the practice chest and save your Lockpick for the quest your trainer gives you: The Good Thief. Save before you must pick locks in order to preserve this one lockpick you have, because as soon as you complete this quest you will gain access to many many more lockpicks for cheap. Lockpicking does get easier as you level it up, but I suggest doing so only after you have completed this quest. Use the guide below if you need help.

6. Combat Training

As soon as you have finished The Good Thief I strongly suggest heading to Rattay Castle and advancing the main quest, so that you can train with Captain Bernard. He will unlock a few Perks for you that make life much easier when sword fighting, and indeed much more fun as well. He also gives you a much needed tutorial in these techniques, as you will sorely need it by this point. Do this right away and you’ll enjoy the game that much more.


Captain Bernard will teach you to fight during the Train Hard, Fight Easy quest. Do this as soon as you can!

7. Getting Your First Horse

I highly recommend that after training with Bernard you continue on the main quest until you at least get to the quest The Hunt Begins. This will get you your first horse, and allow you to travel much faster. Once you get your horse, head to Merhojed, which is west of Talmberg (or finish The Hunt Begins in Neuhof) and purchase some Saddle Bags for your horse, along with some Spurs that will allow you to control your horse much, much better! This will free up storage space as well, because you can store things on your horse, and don’t forget to deck your horse out with a Caparison!


You can buy upgrades for your horse at the location circled here and you can get Caparisons that look amazing!

8. Don’t Forget to Pick Perks

You gain levels fairly regularly in so many things it can be overwhelming, but be sure you scroll through your Stats and Skills often and select Perks to help you become more powerful. If you don’t like what you can choose from, simply hold off until some more become available and choose from those. A few I would strongly recommend early on are: Mule I, Salted and Smoked, Heavy Duty Pony, Lasting Lockpicks and Rain Man.


Don’t forget to level your character as you earn xp. It’s easy to lose track with all the Skills you have.

9. Train Your Skills!

You will not just become super powerful in Kingdom Come: Deliverance by playing the game and doing Quests. You will get stronger of course, but you must actively seek out Activities that will improve them. For example you must hunt to improve your Hunting skill or it will never increase (without paying gold to be trained). There are many Activities that will pay you for doing these things, so find them so you can earn coin while you improve. One example is the activity: Delicacies which pays you for meat from animals you hunt. Another is sparring with Captain Bernard, which increases Combat Skills due to fighting. Practice, Practice, Practice!


Hunting is the only way to increase your skill, unless you pay gold.

Stay tuned for more Kingdom Come: Deliverance coverage through out February, and be sure to check out our Review if you haven’t already!


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