Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is heading back on tour!

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is heading back on tour!

It has just been announced that the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is heading back on tour. It’s starting in the United States but then going worldwide.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra going back on tour

The Kingdom Hearts Orchestra: World Tour Encore! will start on Saturday, June 9, in Los Angeles. It will then head to Chicago, Detroit, Pittsburgh, Boston, Atlanta, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Las Vegas, and Honolulu. Outside of the U.S., the tour will have stops in Canada, Australia, Brazil, Germany, South Korea, and Mexico.

Kingdom Hearts Orchestra

The amazing Kingdom Hearts Orchestra is going back on tour in 2018! Is that music to your ears?

The tour’s official site hints that there’ll also be a Kingdom Hearts 3-themed tour in 2019. Meanwhile, pre-sales for this year’s tour have already gone on sale. The  the remaining dates will have tickets available on March 13. So, here’s a look at when and where you can see the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra.

Los Angeles (USA): June 9, 2018
Chicago (USA): July 13, 2018
Pittsburgh (USA): July 16, 2018
Atlanta (USA): July 26, 2018
Dallas (USA): July 28, 2018
Philadelphia (USA): August 2, 2018
Phoenix (USA): August 4, 2018
Las Vegas (USA): August 5, 2018
Munich (GER): September 15, 2018
Sydney (AUS): July 7, 2018
Detroit (USA): July 14, 2018
Boston (USA): July 19, 2018
Toronto (CAN): July 21, 2018
Honolulu (USA): August 12, 2018
Sao Paolo (BRAZIL): September 8-9, 2018
Milan (ITALY): September 22, 2018
Seoul (S. KOREA): October 6, 2018
Mexico City (MEX): October 20, 2018

If like me you’re based in the UK then either Italy or Germany are your best bets for the tour.

So, will you be going to see the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra? Or will you just purchase the CD instead? Please comment below & let us know.

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