Kingdom Hearts III Secret Movie Now Available for Download Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts III Secret Movie Now Available for Download Worldwide

Kingdom Hearts III released earlier this week which fans had been eagerly awaiting for over a decade but it was missing one final secret movie with its launch. It is now available and can be unlocked along with the epilogue by following a few requirements.

Kingdom Hearts III Secret Movie Now Available for Download Worldwide

The secret movie which was announced by Square Enix would be joining Kingdom Hearts 3 a few days after its launch. Now the movie and the epilogue have been added to the game. If you wish to see both of these you will need to complete the game first. However, the secret movie also has its own requirements in order to unlock the final scenes depending on your difficulty setting.

In order to unlock the secret movie you will need to take pictures of the Lucky Emblems that are scattered around the different kingdoms in Kingdom Hearts 3 using your Gummiphone. Depending on which difficulty setting you’ve chosen, means how many Lucky Marks you’ll need to collect according to an article by Famitsu with the director Tetsuya Nomura:

  • Beginner Difficulty – All 90 Lucky Marks
  • Normal Difficulty –  Medium Amount
  • Proud Difficult – Considerably less

Lookout for the Mickey mouse marks that are dotted around each kingdom

Exact amount of Lucky Marks required haven’t been shared for Normal or Proud mode but to be safe, the more the better.

Kingdom Hearts III is available on Playstation 4 and Xbox One. If you want to unlock the secret movie be sure to use our All Lucky Marks Guide as well as gain yourself in-game rewards and the Hidden Kings trophy.

If you’re travelling through the different worlds in Kingdom Heart III be sure to check out our guides to help you in your adventure including Kingdom Hearts 3: All Synthesis Recipes GuideKingdom Hearts 3: All Accessories, Armor, Staves, Shields & Spells Guide and Kingdom Hearts 3: All Lucky Marks Guide.


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7 comments on “Kingdom Hearts III Secret Movie Now Available for Download Worldwide”

  1. korvd says:

    Can’t wait to see KH3 available for PC, hope that this stands in the plans of developers
    Until then I will be playing Lineage 2 Classic it is my main passion in online gaming :3

  2. merswa says:

    Nice to see old school players from L2! Which server do you play? I left l2 2 years ago cuz I couldn’t find any good servers both free or with paid subscription

  3. korvd says:

    I am not so old school at it can be XD I started playing L2 Classic in December. I saw an advert about welcome bonuses and free trial for Skelth newcomers and couldn’t resist

  4. Mikstl says:

    I have a feeling that Lineage 2 is the most popular MMO at the moment

  5. Mikstl says:

    I though did not play on this server, but it’s a good sign that a paid server gives a free period for its test, so they have nothing to hide

  6. Mustardcurls says:

    I have been playing on proud mode and I revived the video when I acquired 62 lucky emblems so I’m guessing it around 60 you need for proud mode.

  7. Avatar Yuria says:

    60 lucky emblems? We’ve been streaming Kingdom Hearts 3 on Twitch and someone in chat told me 30 on Proud mode. If it is really 60 I might have to go back and snap more emblems because I’ve missed a bunch :(

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