Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Hardcore Mode and DLC From the Ashes Let’s Players Build and Manage a Village

Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s Hardcore Mode and DLC From the Ashes Let’s Players Build and Manage a Village

warhorse Studios shared their upcoming DLC From the Ashes at this year’s E3 2018 which will be adding some new features. The DLC will allow players to manage and build their own village. In addition to the DLC will be a new “hardcore mode” adding further challenge which will launch June 26th, 2018.

From the Ashes Let’s Players Build and Manage a Village and Hardcore Mode

The first premium DLC to release From the Ashes promises a new experience for players with the addition of allowing players to build and manage their very own village. Those who have wanted a chance to be in charge of their own domain, will get to see their own village prosper before their very own eyes. Players will receive the role of “bailiff” which brings many responsibilities, including resolving village disputes, learning crafts and upgrading buildings.

Build and upgrade your very own village

From the Ashes DLC

The DLC adds the element of money management, players will need to decide where their hard earned money should be invested. But some actions will come at a cost, upgrading buildings may reap benefits and make you money, while others will not be so profitable. Employing wood-cutters will cost you daily, if you run out of money your reputation will dwindle, meaning you will lose the trust of your workers and you will no longer be able to build new buildings.

Ledger – Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From the Ashes

Learning how to balance the books will be a key skill in becoming a good bailiff of your village. Manage your resources well, earn a good reputation, your village will have potential to grow and earn you a return. The benefits of owning your own village will include some unique items that can only be found there.

Make choices where you source your materials but choices come with consequences

But it’s not all about money, having the honour of being a bailiff comes with other responsibilities including settling town disputes. Listen to the grievances that are currently taking place, make decisions based on what you hear but remember your decisions will carry weight and influence your relationships with the towns folk.

You also get the role of hiring people to work in your village, these can be NPCs you have met in your travels while questing. You can even hire Kunesh (yes the guy you beat up for money), give him a job and in-turn will generate you more money. A new dialogue option will be made available for certain NPCs and they will have the option to come work in your village in a certain role for example as a guard, woodcutter etc.

Hardcore Mode

Along with the details of the DLC, Warhorse Studios share a new “Hardcore Mode” which will definitely bring new trials and challenges for players to face. The mode will allow you to experience a more realistic life in Kingdom Come: Deliverance and will be a free addition to the game which will be arriving tomorrow. Here are some of the features you will face if you enable this mode:

When you start hardcore mode you die instantly, first challenge is survive the loading screen.

  • No autosaving – While autosaving is a feature in normal mode through a number of ways, hardcore mode will only allow this through drinking “Saviour Schnapps“, sleeping in your own bed, paying for full bathhouse service or exiting the game entirely. Unlike in normal mode, how to save your game will not rely on quests or advancement so stock up on some schnapps and quit in safer areas or you might come back to a hostile situation.
  • Health regeneration – The only way to best regenerate health will be through sleep. Consuming potions or food will not take instant effect as they usually do.
  • Stats Indicators – Health and stamina levels will not be so easy to determine, only through in-game visual effects will you be able to determine your current health or stamina level.
  • Waypoints – No indicators will be given for the Henry’s position on the map, neither will Waypoints be shown until you get in close proximity to them. Directions will rely heavily on the position of sun, so players will need to pay close attention in order find their way around.
  • No Fast Travel – Fast travel will no longer be possible in hardcore mode.
  • Combat – Those who want more realistic combat will find it in hardcore mode, as impact from strikes will take their toll. Indicators that usually appear for direction of strikes as well as shield indicator for a perfect block no longer appear. Engaging with more experienced fighters without wearing a decent set of armour will prove deadly.
  • Negative Perks – If the above is still not enough of a challenge there are some afflictions you can enable such as “Consumption”, “Nightmares”, “Tape Worm”, “Claustrophobic” or “Shakes” which definitely add some interesting elements to gameplay.
  • Traders – Goods and rewards will have a lower overall value. Repairing items will become costly.

In a recent Q&A at E3 2018, the developers confirm that there will be no perma-death in this mode. The reason for this that the story follows the main protagonist Henry, and would not make sense in terms of continuity in the storyline as well as the loss of progression would be tremendous in terms of hours.

Future Updates

In a recent DLC roadmap, Warhorse shared 4 new premium DLCs that would be coming the game and 5 smaller updates 3 which of them which have been announced are free. The free updates include Hardcore Mode, Tournament Mode and Modding Support which will open up the game to outside content creators.

The last premium DLC which is set to release sometime in 2019 called “A Women’s Lot” will be based around the character of Theresa.

Kingdom Come Deliverance is currently available to play on PC, Xbox One and PS4. New Hardcore mode is a free update which will be launching on June 26th, 2018 and the DLC From the Ashes has yet to be announced but will release this year 2018.

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