Kingdom Come: Deliverance Releases DLC Roadmap to Include 4 New DLCs

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Releases DLC Roadmap to Include 4 New DLCs

Warhorse Studios have shared a new DLC roadmap via a press release, it includes new content which will be released throughout the next year for the RPG game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. The first of the DLCs releasing this summer 2018 titled “From the Ashes”.

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Releases DLC Roadmap

The roadmap includes the 4 upcoming story DLCs From the Ashes, Sir Hans Capon, Band of Bastards and A Woman’s Lot. The roadmap also sets out to include a new Hardcore Mode, Tournaments Mode (free for early crowdfunding supporters) and Modding Support. There is also a video about The Making of Kingdom Come which will be available for free, for early crowdfunding supporters.

The first DLC From the Ashes follows the story of an abandoned village which you come to care for. The DLC will be featured at E3 2018 next month.

Warhouse Studios also teases about whats to come next year:

Kingdom Come: Deliverance shall challenge you once more! Rebuild what was destroyed, equip your Cupid’s arrow and aid an associate in “delicate” matters, stand your ground on the battlefield and see things from a whole new perspective with the assistance of a new best friend, woof!

With the celebrated release of the DLC announcement, Steam has a special Daily Deal offer which starts May 22nd and concludes on May 24th. The deal includes a 20% discount on Kingdom Come: Deliverance along with any already released downloadable content which includes the Original Soundtrack and Art Book.

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