Kingdom Come Deliverance Guide: How to Lockpick

Lockpicking is a fine art in many games, and usually one that isn’t too difficult to master, but in Kingdom Come Deliverance it’s a downright nightmare. It took me a good solid hour to get the hang of it on a controller, because Warhorse clearly designed it for a mouse and keyboard. And, while still a bit challenging with those tools, it’s nothing compared to to trying to do it with two analog sticks. In this Guide I will give you some tips on how to overcome this and still get somewhere with Lockpicking so you can get your “thief on”.

How to Lockpick in Kingdom Come Deliverance

You can learn how to Lockpick when you meet Miller Peshek in Rattay after the Prologue. He will give you the quest The Good Thief, which will require you to know how to Lockpick, as well as have some Lockpicks in order to proceed.

To begin the first thing you must understand is that locks have varying degrees of difficulty and “easy” is not really easy at all. The chest you are given to pick as the tutorial has a steep curve and you can get a better idea of what I mean if you simply walk past Peshek and head to the house left of where you woke up, just a few paces from when you first step outside in Rattay. There is a “very easy” door there and it’s night and day difference. These will get easier as your skill improves with Lockpicking.


Once you ask Peshek to teach you to Lockpick, skip the chest and head over to this door and give it a try.

Second, you must understand is that the “sweet spot”, when the cursor turns golden, moves not just counter-clockwise, but also up and down a bit. This is important because if you just simply move it in that direction you will break your lockpick. additionally the thing that’s really badly explained in the in-game tutorial, is that you must swirl the left stick in order to rotate the lock. This is EXTREMELY difficult to do because it isn’t smooth like it is on PC where you only have to press and hold “D”, resulting in more mistakes. You also don’t have the pinpoint accuracy with analog sticks that you do with a mouse, so it can be really frustrating on PS4 or Xbox One.

When first learning to lockpick you’ll need to understand that you want to turn the left analogue counter-clockwise starting from about 11 o’clock or so. You always want to start from this position and you will always turn the same way, making sure the stick is nearly as far as it can go in the controller, make a very “wide” rotation. Go slow and take your time trying to keep the vibration to a minimum.


These tips while somewhat helpful, don’t account for the lack of bad design.

The vibration is also important and is an indicator that you are doing something wrong. The stronger it vibrates the more likely it is that you will break your lockpick, and also keep in mind your lockpick has a “health bar” so the more it vibrates the less it can take. This means if you vibrate too much early on you won’t be able to pick the lock.

Lastly, I want to mention that you can stop Lockpicking and try a lock again and it’s positioning will be different. This is huge because the closer the “sweet spot” is to the center the easier it is to pick the lock. So if you find yourself in a position where you absolutely must pick a lock, and just can’t seem to, try stopping and starting again until you get a desired starting sweet spot.

Stay tuned for more Kingdom Come Deliverance Guides and coverage through out February, with our review coming in a couple of days.


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