Join Us On Our Newly Launched Fextralife Discord Chatroom

Join Us On Our Newly Launched Fextralife Discord Chatroom

We are happy to announce that we’ve launched a new sitewide Discord server that consolidates all of our wiki and general chats into one convenient location. At FextraLife, we’ve always been gaming and community focused, especially in how we can facilitate the coming together of people to interact, chat and play. No matter what game across our wiki network you’re playing or what you feel like talking about, we’ve got a channel for that. Come join the discussion with us on everything related to gaming and then some. We have quite the global community and odds are you’ll find like minds to talk to 24/7.

In addition to a browser tab, you can open Discord in a variety of apps both on your desktop and mobile, and Discord accounts integrate wonderfully with other gaming platforms like Steam and Twitch. The chats on our sites have always been a great way to find help in-game, spin ideas off of others, share opinions, frustrations, humor and more and this move to Discord is an evolution of that as it has continued to improve as a platform for community interaction.

We have created buttons to promote the new chat on wikis, and changed the bottom “chat” window to link to Discord. We will not be embedding a widget on the forum or wikis, to keep load times crisp and quick. If you’re a diehard Chatango user, we are not completely abandoning Chatango altogether, we will phase it out in stages with the possibility of using it during game launches to catch an influx of new traffic as we see when games like Dark Souls and Bloodborne release, especially quick hits for anonymous users. We will open a Discord suggestions thread in the near future on our forums so be sure to keep an eye out so that you can help shape the community’s development. To learn more about Discord, check out it’s website.

Once inside Discord, you may notice some interesting bot games being played by the community members. If you want to play with Uri our helpful chat bot who also features a bunch of fun commands and a comprehensive RPG game, sign up with our VIP program to get access to all the fun. In addition to the chat perk, you gain access to great subscriber benefits like:

  • No ads on our wikis, forum and blog
  • Special color and role on Discord
  • Buy items from the Forum Shop using your souls earned by posting.
  • Bigger inbox (75 messages) for forum
  • Special Marker on your posts
  • Special Self-made Text Rank for the forum (Choose it yourself – subject to rules)
  • A private subforum with possibility for wiki and feature requests
  • Increased default reputation power to 5 instead of 3
  • Subscribers have blog priority for their authored content

To brush up on our rules, please visit our Chatroom Rules to know what’s ok and what’s not. One of the hallmarks of our community is how well we come together, and a big part of that is a clear understanding of the expectations we have for treating one another!

As always, thank you for all of your support and for being a part of the best community in gaming!

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