Best Japanese Pranks Part 2

Best Japanese Pranks Part 2

Last updated on July 25th, 2017

We continue our collection of Best of Japan’s pranks – this time with some hilariously funny clips tricking “idol” and “talent” at their workplace. Don’t worry, it’s all covered under their contract!

Best Japanese Funny Pranks Part 2

Things go awry.

In this one, a well-known performer is asked to negotiate with what he thinks are mafia representatives to get some location deal.

Last thing you expect going into work

Aren’t they all dead? KYAAAAAAAA

You’ll never do makeup again

You really shouldn’t trust your PR manager after this one!


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5 comments on “Best Japanese Pranks Part 2”

  1. Vinyltavia says:

    oh my sides.

  2. ExecutionerSmough says:


  3. Two thoughts:
    1. Those pranks are all really really mean
    2. Where can I order a dinosaur costume?

  4. Sylvan81 says:

    This is killing me. xD

  5. Rooke says:

    That last one was sick xD

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