Infected Shelter Trophy & Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Infected Shelter Trophy & Achievement Guide and Roadmap

DarkBlueGames’s Infected Shelter is now available on Steam. This achievement guide and roadmap will help players navigate the deadly post apocalyptic world.

  • Time to Platinum: 20-30 hours
  • Platinum Difficulty: 6/10
  • Playthroughs required: Depends on player
  • Missable Trophies: None

Most Efficient way to Platinum:

  • Undergo the tutorial and die purposely then complete the tutorial.
  • Progress through the story which should unlock the story related trophies.
  • Play with a friend to unlock the coop related trophies.
  • While progressing use your Infection Samples to buy improvements, clothes, weapons, and skills to unlock their trophies.
  • Finish up by collecting the challenge related trophies and other trophies that require special executions and requirements.
    • While collecting the last remaining improvements, clothes, weapons, and skills that might be missing.

Infected Shelter Trophy & Achievement Guide and Roadmap

Treasure Hunter

Open a huge treasure chest for the first time. This will be unlock during normal play.

Three Billboards Outside

Complete the Tutorial. Self-explanatory


Grab and throw an enemy for the first time. Hit square then triangle to grab and throw an enemy.

Bison Crasher

Defeat the Mutant Bison boss. Check out my text guide here

The Better Me

Unlock 9 improvements. Buy 9 improvements with Infection Samples.

Blue Thunder

Defeat the Attack Copter boss. Check out my text guide here

Robot Chicken

Defeat the Walker Droid boss. Check out my text guide here


Buy all items in a shop. Self-explanatory. This will be unlock later in players’ playtime once they unlock the Golden Badge Savings skills.

Into the Badlands

Reach the desert for the first time. Reach the final area after defeating Mutant Bison, Attack Copter, and Walker Droid.

Dr. Jones

Unlock 9 relics. Buy 9 relics with Infection Samples.


Make noxious gases during jump. Fart while jumping; this can be done by drinking a potion or by eating foods that doesn’t work with your stomach. Alternatively players can pick the I.B.S starter trait to easily get this achievement.

Mr. Schwarzenegger

Unlock 9 weapons. Buy 9 weapons with Infection Samples.

Action Hero

Rescue five camp people. In each area players may find 1 person they can save. Those saved will return to base and provide special services to players upon starting a run.

Magicless Talent

Defeat any boss without using any skills. Use powerful weapons to defeat the boss without using any skills.

Stay Alive

Revive a co-op player.

You and Me

Defeat a boss in co-op mode.

The Collector

Unlock 99 blueprints. Turn in and purchase 99 blueprints

Mr. Dagobert

Have 499 golden badges at one time. Have the Golden Badge Savings skills and avoid spending your golden badges during a run until you unlock this.

Easy Peasy

Defeat 99 elite enemies.

Mr. Potter

Unlock 9 skills. Buy 9 skills with Infection Samples.


Have 999 infection samples at one time.

Dancing Bones

Execute an enemy with an acid bottle.

Teardrops In My Eyes

Execute an enemy with a tear-gas grenade.

Trousers of Little Mole

Unlock 9 clothing. Buy 9 clothes with Infection Samples.

Labrador Lover

Have 3 Labrador puppies at the same time. Buy 3 puppies as pets to unlock

Fast and Furious

Explode 99 cars. Attack cars until they explode.

Practice Makes Perfect

Die in the tutorial. Select the tutorial and die to the enemies residing there.

Light My Fire

Execute an enemy with a lamp. Grab a lamp from the environment and execute an enemy.

Flawless Victory

Defeat a boss without taking damage.

Karate Kid

Kill a boss only with unarmed attacks. Choose the Iron Fist trait and gather relics to power your unarmed attack

The Biologist

Find the Biologist. Defeat all bosses and meet the Biologist

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